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Board Chair


Location: Flexible

Organization: Women's March Global

Our Global Community is 120 Chapters and 2300 Members strong. Our passion runs high and our issues are urgent. We are looking for a chair who will be able to lead our collective impact on women’s lives across the globe


On 21 January 2017 millions of women and allies around the world, many who would never before have called themselves feminists or women’s human rights defenders, took to the streets because we knew we had to make ourselves seen and heard. We are now a network of 100+ Chapters and thousands of Members worldwide who continue to take action every day in our local communities to advance women’s human rights. Guided by the values of collaboration, radical empathy, and solidarity, we prioritise mobilisation to build coalitions with truly grassroots organisers. Our goal is to amplify and support their work. Our vision is a world where all people acknowledge that our freedom is dependent on one another, and we work together to achieve a just, equitable, and dignified life for all.

All of our work is geared toward lasting change. We are an ecosystem builder that supports systemic changemakers who are radically changing their communities. Women are changemakers but often lack support in many countries. We make sure that they are heard, educated in advocacy and policy, and have the partnerships around them needed to sustain their work.

As an ecosystem builder and amplifier, we are laser focused on collaborations and partnerships. We collaborate with over 75 organizations globally. Within this ecosystem we are both leaders and supporters in that we often are asked to help develop strategies for coalitions , draft policy and white paper documents, as well as amplify partner voices, ideas, and campaigns throughout our network. Transparent collaboration is a central tenet of our work.

Women’s March Global focuses on racial justice and civil rights for women of color across the world as women are impacted every day by unjust policies, government oppression, and systemic inequities. It is difficult to untangle racial equity and justice from civil rights for women. Our chapter leaders in the global south are Black women and women of color. The difficulty they face in raising their voices, getting the minimal resources they need to launch campaigns, and advocacy work to change policy is well documented.

Women’s March Global is an all volunteer network that harnesses its’ mobilisation and assembly capacity to support grassroots driven actions and partnerships with CSOs, NGOs and grassroots networks are critical to ensure: Work is not duplicated, the message is amplified, and resources are directed to ensuring the issues grassroots organisers face are being addressed.


In May 2020, WMG voted to move their operations from the USA to the UK. As part of this, the existing board and ED, Uma Mishra-Newbery stepped down from the USA C3 board and a temporary interim committee was established consisting of 5 existing staff members, including the former ED who has remained in a volunteer capacity as the program director. To assist the move to the UK, WMG are fiscally hosted by The Social Change Nest CIC (operating as The Social Change Agency Ltd) who in addition to providing back office support are also supporting the governance.

The decision to create a new chair role for WMG was not taken lightly. The global context means that now more than ever, there is a need for global network fighting for women’s rights.

A new Chair will have the drive and ambition to lead the WMG agenda for the next three years. They will be able to work with the volunteer staff and the community - having strong empathy with women and people affected by inequality, being able to work alongside volunteers and inspire supporters - to harness its potential to make effective and lasting change for people affected by or living with systemic inequality and a lack of civil rights. The period during which the chair operates is likely to be characterised by WMG continuing to be a leader for the movement across the Globe. The political, demographic, social and economic drivers mean it will be a challenging time for women everywhere and for the sector. We are looking for someone who is able to ensure the stability for the organisation, and has the strength to continue to challenge white supremacy and patriarchy and the fortitude to support collective impact across the movement with our global community of chapters.

The Chair’s aim is to enable the board and interim committee to fulfil their responsibilities for the overall governance and strategic direction of the organisation. The Chair will ensure that the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law and any other relevant legislation or regulations and to make sure that the organisation pursues its objects as defined in its governing document.


  • The Chair has the duties and responsibilities of a Trustee of a working board. They have the following additional responsibilities:
  • Build out and maintain a new board of trustees
  • Provide leadership in forming strategy, setting policy and achieving the aims through objectives which can be monitored
  • Decide the formal legal structure in partnership with the interim committee
  • Lead development strategy.
  • Ensure that WMG operates effectively and the interim committee and board fulfils its responsibilities for good governance
  • Act as an spokesperson for and face of, WMG and to uphold its ethics and values
  • Ensure that all financial dealings are prudently accounted for, audited and publicly available
  • Chair meetings of the Board efficiently using carefully structured agendas and prepared briefing papers.
  • Ability to lead mobilisation strategies and global campaign strategy.
  • Ensure effective two-way communications strategy between the Board and the Chapter members.

Chair Person Specification

The Chair must be able to demonstrate:

  • Knowledge, passion and involvement of intersectional women’s issues across the globe
  • An up to date understanding of effective corporate governance especially in the women’s rights and charity sector coupled with an understanding of white supremacy culture, grass-roots activism and organising.
  • Ability to partner and collaborate with stakeholders.
  • A strong record of achievement at board level/senior executive level and or experience as a Chair of a board or major committee
  • The ability to act as an ambassador for WMG
  • Strategic vision and the ability to think creatively
  • The ability to translate good governance into the processes required for effective Board working
  • The ability to drive forward a culture of collaboration, transparency and openness, a non-hierarchical approach and strong diplomacy skills.
  • The clearly demonstrated ability to lead the Board, and develop the Trustees work effectively and collaboratively with the interim committee and eventual CEO and show experience of direct line management.
  • The ability to communicate with a wide variety of people and organisations, including the ability or potential to speak at large public engagements
  • Outstanding influencing skills, highly connected in relevant circles of influence and the ability to network at the highest level for the benefit WMG
  • A knowledge of the type of work undertaken by WMG as well an understanding of the Women’s Rights sector and other networks
  • A commitment to the time required to fulfil the role

See the full job description

How to apply:

Please send your CV and a personal letter:

Apply online

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by the interim committee and invited to a discussion on the week of the 17th August.

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