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Request for Proposals: Autonomous Resourcing - Microsite Design & Development

Date limite:

Lieu: Remote

Organisation: AWID

The Resourcing Feminist Movements (RFM) team at AWID is looking for a technical and creative feminist team to execute the creation of an online platform/microsite that hosts multimedia content and resources related to the issue of ‘autonomous resourcing’- one of the transformative ways in which movements are mobilizing financial, human, and material resources that directly support the liberatory aims of feminist political projects. 


The Autonomous Resourcing Microsite will frame, name, claim, and amplify feminist alternatives around autonomous resourcing. While disrupting the traditional funding ecosystem with powerful feminist resourcing actions beyond the grant models of funding is not an explicit objective, the mere existence and amplification of these practices may indeed be disruptive to the funding ecosystem. The ultimate vision for the Microsite is to advance AWID’s third strategic outcome: to co-create, advance and amplify feminist realities, narratives, and proposals.  

Scope of the project 

Objectives of the Microsite

  1. Host the Autonomous Resourcing conceptual framework, that explains concepts and terms related to Autonomous Resourcing.
  2. Showcase concrete examples and case studies of what resourcing could and should look like, enabling a truly movement-led setting of agendas, demands, and political priorities. 
  3. Provide space to sign up for an ‘autonomous resourcing community of practice’ where activists can sign up to get notified of discussions, or maybe even host discussions themselves  (for example, a sign up form or a data capture form).
  4. Host resources (articles, reports, videos, audio etc) where activists can learn more about autonomous resourcing.

Look and Feel

Autonomous resourcing is about independence, collective agenda-setting, and about the power of movements to come together and co-create new realities. We want the microsite to convey this- through powerful use of colour, bold fonts, graphics, and inspirational quotes and messages. While it is important to connect this project back to AWID, we want this microsite to have its own unique brand.


Feminist activists who want to know more about autonomous resourcing as a concept and practice, access resources and connect with others who are strategising around autonomous resourcing.

Technical requirements

Website platform
We encourage the consultants to use open source platforms as much as possible. The preference will be given to the proposals with the platforms using open source technologies like Drupal or Wordpress. 

Website hosting
This project scope does not cover the  website hosting server as it will be provided by AWID but we are open to discuss any possible recommendations from the vendor hired for this project. You will be provided administrative access to the web server. 

Please build one year of maintenance in the costs as a separate entry. This maintenance contract will include the security updates to the CMS, custom development and plugins for the website and bug fixes.

Feedback and sign-up forms
We use Mailchimp for newsletter signup forms and can use the same for sign-up forms on the microsite.

It is also vital to ensure the microsite is accessible to audiences with diverse abilities, in line with AWID’s accessibility guidelines and other relevant resources.



Consultant Profile

The consultant(s) should have a combination of relevant professional experience and expertise in the following:

  • Proven technical and creative expertise in website development, including using different Content Management Systems;
  • Past experience working and collaborating with feminist/women’s rights organisations/groups/teams;
  • Excellent writing, copy-editing and design skills;
  • Spanish is a plus.

Duration of the consultancy

The consultancy will begin in November 2021 and will extend until the official launch of the site (June 2022).

Application process 

Consultants are requested to submit a consultancy proposal that includes the following:

  •  A short (2-4 pages) proposal including creative vision, tentative timeline, estimated budget and examples of past work.
  • CV of the individual(s) that will lead this assignment.  

Please submit your application to: tenders@awid.org by 5th November. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Existing  work/Background on Autonomous Resourcing