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DIY Online security guide for every woman

Who is this guide for?

Everyone, everywhere. Though written with women dealing with domestic abuse or stalking in mind, the guide and its principles can be used irrespective of gender, location or situation.

Does someone have pictures of you and you don’t know how or why? Do they keep showing up unexpectedly to places where you are? Do they know things about your life that you haven’t told many people? Then you may be being stalked.


What is this guide about?

Modern technology such as the internet/mobile phones etc., has made it increasingly easy for abusive partners to stalk, intimidate and threaten their targets both online and offline. The good news: you can take measures to protect yourself! Assess your risk and take back control with this guide of best practices.

How to use this guide?

There are many ways someone can track you down. The chance and ease of this happening will depend heavily on your personal circumstances and that of your abuser. This guide is not the complete answer. This guide doesn’t include all of the ways abusers can track someone, but it is a collection of tips and support including our best finds. Off you go!

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