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Host Committee

The Host Committee is a group of representatives from Taiwanese organizations, serving in their institutional capacity, that support AWID in building a relationship with the national feminist movement and allow them to leverage the Forum process to strengthen their organizing and agenda: as well as ensuring that the Forum is grounded in and enriched by the experiences and struggles of feminist realities from our “host” country.



2020 Forum Host Committee member - Amy

Amy Lin has worked in Taiw an Tongzhi (LGBT+) Hotline Association nearly nine years. Since her time Tongzhi Hotline , her has working consistently on lesbian 'sexual and emotional needs and issues. Meanwhile, she also has involved in the other movement for looking positively at different body types for long time, and pushing the social change to be happened.

Know more about Amy in an article on the Taipei Times 


2020 Forum Host Committee member - Grace

Grace Tzu-Hua Huang has been a union organizer for over a decade. She currently serves as the secretary-general for Domestic Caretakers Union Taoyuan. Domestic workers’s working conditions have to improve considering it is the last mile to walk in the gender equality movement. Domestic Caretakers Union Taoyuan was founded in 2016 and is the first labor union representing migrant caretakers. The Union dedicates to organizing and training migrant workers to serve as officials who can support case clients to understand their own rights through individual case analysis.

In addition, combined with the proposal of giving the caretakers weekly 1-day (24hours) take-offs, the Union established the Migrant Caretaker Holiday Home for live-in caretakers to stay so that they could take a breath on the weekends. Meanwhile, the Union assists migrant caretakers and their employers to be rid of agent’s control through Direct-Employment Project, bridging both parties with equal status for fair communication.


2020 Forum Host Committee member - Hiker

First-ever openly come-out intersex person in Taiwan, Hiker Chiu is the world’s first intersex activist to advocate and promote the human rights of Chinese-speaking and Asian intersex individuals. In 2008, he founded Organization Intersex International - Chinese (Oii-Chinese) to share topical issues regarding intersex rights. S/he initiated the "Global Free Hugs with Intersex Movement" in the 8th Taipei Pride Parade 2010, discussed the experience in public, and called to unite the international Chinese-speaking intersex community.

Hiker was invited to the first International Intersex Forum as the only Asian delegate. In 2013, s/he introduced the intersex issue to ILGA, the largest LGBT human rights organization worldwide, in its regional conference ILGA Asia. S/he then established the Intersex Asia Facebook group for connecting with the Asian intersex community. In 2015, Hiker was invited to participate and speak in the “Expert meeting on ending human rights violations against intersex people” by UNHRC representing Asia. In the same year, s/he led 6 other Asian intersex activists to attend and speak up in ILGA Asia’s conference in Taipei. S/he was later elected to the board of ILGA representing Asia.

In 2017, Hiker and 6 other Asian intersex activists participated the 4th International Intersex Forum. It was the first time in history that there was more than one Asian delegate in the Forum. In 2018, Hiker partnered with Asian intersex activists and jointly held the first Asian Intersex Forum with the annoucement of First Asian Intersex Statement. Together they established Intersex Asia Network with Hiker as one of the co-chairs. Since 2015, Hiker has been the consultant in the Asian region for Astraea, world’s first Intersex Human Rights Fund.

Hiker Chiu dedicates to innovate, connect, guard and develop the intersex movement in Asia, continuing the conversations and the connections with the international intersex movements. Hiker looks ahead to found the platform for Asian intersex people to voice opinions freely and create a friendly space to live in. 


2020 Forum Host Committee member - Catta

YuHsuan CHOU, preferred people called her “Catta” instead. Graduated from English literature department for bachelor degree but never get to finish the master degree in interpreting and translating. Joined a student club when in university and began to participate in social movements.

Didn’t spend much time on English literature but spare a lot of times on social issues. Most of the time in university was about gender & human rights issues and labor issues. Was elected as the president of the Taiwan Youth Labor Union 95 (YLU95, 台灣青年勞動九五聯盟) in 2015 and established the Taiwan Non-for-profit Organization Industrial Union (NPOIU, 台灣非營利組織產業工會), currently the president of the union. Currently working at Awakening Foundation (婦女新知基金會) as the secretary general.


2020 Forum Host Committee member - Hsiao

Professor at the Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies, Shih Hsin University, Taipei, the first scholar studying marriage migration issues in Taiwan. Her publications analyze issues of immigrants, migrant workers, citizenship, empowerment and social movement. 

Hsia is also an activist striving for the empowerment of immigrant women and the making of im/migrant movement in Taiwan as well as in the Asia Pacific region. She initiated the Chinese programs for marriage migrants in 1995, leading to the establishment of TransAsia Sisters Association, Taiwan, and co-founded the Alliance for the Human Rights Legislation for Immigrants and Migrants. She has severed as officer of various regional and international organizations, including Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants, Asia Pacific Women Law and Development, Alliance of Marriage Migrants Organizations for Rights and Empowermentand International Migrants Alliance.

Hsia’s praxis-oriented research has led her to collaborate closely with im/migrant organizations in her research and publications, and to serve as the Associate Editor of Action Research Journal.


2020 Forum Host Committee member - Jocelyn

Tuhi Martukaw (Jocelyn Ting-Hui Hung Chien) is from the Kasavakan Community of the Pinuyumayan Peoples in Taiwan. She has BA in Diplomacy from National Chang-Chi University, Taiwan and MA in European Studies from University of Hamburg, Germany. She currently acts as the coordinator and founder of the LIMA Taiwan Indigenous Youth Working Group, the board member of the Association for Taiwan Indigenous Peoples’ Policies, as well as a Ph.D. student in communication studies. She is an active Indigenous woman at all levels. She was the co-chair of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, which is a working group formally recognized by the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues from 2010 to 2015.

She founded the LIMA Taiwan Indigenous Youth Working Group in 2013 with the vision to connect the indigenous youth across the borders and continents, to share views and experiences, to contribute in the struggle of their rights and to build up their capacity to shoulder the responsibility of carrying on their cultural heritage and advocacy for equality and justice. Since 2014, she started to work as an Indigenous journalist. With the experiences of grass-root social participation, she tries to transform the lessons she learned and the insights she obtained into short documentaries and news reports, in order to express her opinions on certain problems and point out the crux of the disputed issues based on Indigenous point of view. In March 2020, she adjusted her career path to a more political orientation and started working in the parliament with the determination to advance the rights of Indigenous Peoples and human rights by
directly involving in politics.