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Content and Methodology Committee

The Content and Methodology Committee, brings together 23  feminists from diverse backgrounds and regions to co-produce the Forum content and its methodologies. The specific tasks of this Committee include providing methodological support to Forum activities, shaping Collective Moments, and providing guidance for the overall Forum content.


Jessica Horn

Forum CMC member - Jessica Horn

Jessica Horn has worked for almost two decades as a feminist analyst and technical advisor with a focus on politics and practices around bodies, movements, funding and feminist futures. In the course of this work, she has developed methodologies and pedagogical approaches for building activist convenings and learning processes including with the African Feminist Forum, the African Women’s Leadership Institute and the Movement Building Bootcamp for Queer East African Activists.

Jessica's research and analysis has been published in a range of platforms including Feminist Africa, Al Jazeera, openDemocracy and The Guardian. She is the co-author of "Prevention of violence against women and girls: lessons from practice." The Lancet (2015) and lead author of the Cutting Edge Pack on Gender and Social Movements(BRIDGE/ Institute for Development Studies). Jessica is a founding member of the African Feminist Forum working group and chairs the Programme Committee of the Fund for Global Human Rights. She currently works as Director of Programmes for the African Women’s Development Fund in Accra, Ghana.

Amaranta Gómez Regalado

Forum CMC member - Amaranta Gómez Regalado

Amaranta Gómez Regalado is a muxe Zapotec from Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. An activist and social anthropologist, Amaranta was the first muxe/trans candidate for national congress who was recognized by the Federal Electoral Institute of Mexico by her generic name. Former muxe/trans regional secretary to the ILGA-LAC; former co-president of the International Trans Fund (ITF); and former technical secretary for the First Municipal Council against Discrimination in Xalapa, Veracruz.

Currently, Amaranta is the Regional Secretary of the International Secretariat for Indigenous Peoples for the commission on HIV/AIDS, Sexuality and Human Rights (SIPIA); Citizen Assembly Member of the National Council for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination in Mexico (CONAPRED); and Co-Secretary of the Mexican LGBTTTI Coalition.

Rima S. Athar

Forum CMC member - Rima S. Athar

Rima S. Athar is a lover and a fighter with roots in Pakistan. Since 2007 she has led diverse international programs to strengthen global south feminist organizing for human rights, including on internet technology & corporate accountability, challenging fundamentalisms, and ending gender-based violence.

Since 2015 she has coordinated CSBR | the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies, working with women’s rights, queer & trans activists on participatory programming on themes of Healing, Pleasure & Well-Being, Faith & Sexuality, and Movement Building. From 2018 to 2019  Rima was a lead organizer of the first Global Feminist Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women*’s Conference. She is also a Hatha & Tantra yogi, happy to teach the community. 


Aminatu Gambo

Forum CMC member - Aminatu Gambo

Aminatu is a human rights advocate from the Mbororo pastoralist indigenous community in Cameroon. 

She has been actively working in the promotion and protection of the rights of the indigenous people in Cameroon since 2011. Aminatu presently works with the International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI) as the Political Participation and Advocacy Coordinator.

Building effective leadership in the areas of human rights, good governance, peace building, women’s rights, environmental issues, intellectual property rights, research and developments are the areas she has been focused on. Aminatu obtained her bachelor’s degree in law at the University of Yaoundé II in Cameroon. 

FIMI has appointed both Galina and Aminatu to the CMC and they will share the Committee tasks among themselves

Marisa Viana

Forum CMC member - Marisa Viana

Marisa Viana is currently the Executive Coordinator of RESURJ and has been a member of the alliance since 2011. Marisa is from the Brazilian Amazon and has been a human rights and social justice advocate since the age of 18. Her commitment and dedication to the empowerment of young women, feminist organizing, social justice, and human rights is deeply rooted in her experiences growing up in the Brazilian Amazon where discrimination and violence against girls and women continues to be the norm.

Prior to this, she managed the Young Feminist Activism Program at the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID); worked at the Foundation for Tropical Medicine in Brazil; and worked as a Program Associate at the International Women’s Health Coalition. Marisa is currently also a member of the Vecinas Feministas por La Justicia Sexual y Reproductiva en America Latina y Caribe and of the BRICS Feminist Watch.

Ivy Josiah

Forum CMC member - Ivy Josiah

Ivy N Josiah is a Malaysian women’s rights activist. This former Executive Director of Women’s Aid Organisation  (WAO) has developed and implemented WAO’s shelter services and advocacy strategies since its inception (1982) when WAO opened Malaysia’s first shelter for survivors of domestic violence. Ivy is skilled in coalition building using her advocacy and networking skills to  work with the state, parliament and media. She has conducted trainings in over 15 countries preparing NGOs for CEDAW sessions.  Ivy is a member of the Five Arts Centre and a guest producer for KINI TV - You Tube talk show NADI (PULSE).

She loves to dance, cook and create.

Marta Musić

Forum CMC member - Marta Musić

Marta Musić is a decolonial, feminist, activist-researcher from ex-Yugoslavia and is currently based in Barcelona. Her work mainly consists of creating networks of active solidarity and spaces for exchange, mutual learning and collaboration between different movements, territories and alternatives on local, regional and global levels. She is one of the co-founders of the Global Tapestry of Alternatives, sits on the international commission of ATTAC and is participating in the organisation of the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies.

Inspired by the collective reflections and experiences within these spaces, she is also doing a PhD on processes of confluence of alternatives from a decolonial feminist perspective.

Zephanie Repollo

Forum CMC member - Zephanie Repollo

Zeph is a Filipina climate justice and human rights activist, feminist, communicator, strategist, and political popular educator working with diverse networks in Southeast Asia, particularly rural and indigenous women and LGBTQ community in defense of land, water, territories, and rights. She hopes to share her experience to help build, amplify, and support the work against patriarchy, violence, and resource extraction confronting women and girls in the region.

She believes that empowering people, particularly women at the grassroots level, to be an active part in decision-making processes is key in achieving meaningful changes.

Niken Lestari Sungkono

Forum CMC member - Niken Lestari Sungkono

A reflective and determined person, Niken developed  her capacity in leadership and community organizing for over 12 years. Niken has a strong interest in feminist leadership, open source software, and community literacy as part of the  social justice movement. She has a multi-disciplinary formal education background in library sciences, women’s studies, and rural advisory service science. She is now working in FAMM Indonesia (Young Indonesian Women Activist Forum) as executive coordinator.

As a 40-year old Aries, she loves the beach and sands.

Sabrina Sanchez

Forum CMC member - Sabrina Sanchez

Sabrina defines herself as a trans migrant woman, sex worker, car mechanic, runner and transfeminist. Born in Mexico City, she feels privileged as a trans woman to have graduated in Communication at UNAM. Unfortunately, Mexico is a dangerous place if you are a woman and being trans does not make it better, so 13 years ago she decided to migrate to Europe where she started to do sex work as a survival strategy.

Being a migrant, a trans person and a sex worker implies carrying many burdens and stigmas but thanks to the support of her fellow sex workers she freed herself from the “whore stigma” and started to be an activist with APROSEX, the organization for which she acts as Secretary right now. She is also a spokeperson for OTRAS (a sex workers’union) and for the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe.

Jac sm Kee

 Forum CMC member - Jac sm Kee

Jac sm Kee is a feminist activist, organiser, thinker & writer. Her focus includes internet governance, digital rights, sexuality, women’s rights and feminist movement building in a digital age. While at the Association for Progressive Communications, Jac headed the Women's Rights Programme, co-founded the Take Back the Tech! collaborative global campaign on ending online gender-based violence, and stewarded the collaborative development the Feminist Principles of the Internet.

Jac has served in numerous boards and organising committees at global levels including AWID and the Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group. She is a founding member of the Malaysia Design Archive, and is currently serving as a board member for CREA and co-director of the Centre for Independent Journalism Malaysia.

Fatoumata Sangare

Forum CMC member - Fatoumata Sangare

Fatoumata Sangare, economist by training, has been the regional coordinator of the NGO AMSOPT (Association Malienne pour le Suivi et l’Orientation des Pratiques Traditionnelles transl: Malian Association for Monitoring and Orientation on Traditional Practices) since 2011. She coordinates the project “Protecting the next generation, for an end to female genital mutilation and child marriage”. She is a national trainer for UNFPA on case management for women survivors of gender-based violence. In this role, she works closely with women’s organisations, technical services of the Malian government, health and social workers, and the courts, to strengthen their capacity to provide psychosocial and legal care to survivors of violence against women and children.

Her commitment to women’s rights started in 2006, when a group of women volunteers, wives of doctors and chemists from Mopti joined together in the struggle against the practice of female circumcision and early marriage.

hvale vale

Forum CMC member - hvale vale

hvale vale (small letters as per bell hooks). Writer, feminist and activist, as such vale connects women's rights, sexuality, sexual rights and the internet poetically, politically and practically and advocate for the #feministinternet.

Since April 2017 vale is a member of the Women’s Rights Program of the Association for Progressive Communication as Coordinator of EROTICS, the initiative on Sexuality and the internet.

vale loves slearning from people, co-create and maintain systems, facilitate storytelling workshops, play with methodologies and intersections of our digital persona and worlds and the feminist principles of the internet (FPIs). She is currently reading, thinking and writing around Whiteness, Pleasure and Activism.

Joe Wong

Forum CMC member - Joe Wong

Joe is a trans masculine advocate born in Singapore. As the Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN), he leads the organisation and the community engagement rights-based work in sexual, general and mental health.  He has contributed to global, regional, and local initiatives. In his time in APTN, he advocated for trans masculine inclusion in the network resulting in the increased visibility, discussion and inclusivity of trans masculine people and their issues the region.

His experiences includes advocating for trans men’s sexual and reproductive health rights and trans people’s  access to basic health rights, and has developed and implemented best practice standards for transgender people. His area of focus is increasing funding for trans-led initiatives and stronger trans organising for shifting policies and attitudes.

Galina Angarova

Forum CMC member - Galina Angarova

Galina Angarova is a representative of the Buryat people, a Russian indigenous group. Ms. Angarova is currently representing IIWF (International Indigenous Women’s Forum) as their focal point. Her work experiences include  serving as a Program Officer at Swift Foundation, Tebtebba Foundation's Policy Advisor and a Global Organising Partner representing Indigenous Peoples' Major Group at the United Nations. Prior to the UN work, she was a Russia Program Director at Pacific Environment, a San Francisco-based environmental organisation and her work concentrated on issues of climate change and impacts on Indigenous Peoples' subsistence resources in the Arctic, resource extraction and impacts of development on indigenous and local communities in Siberia and the Russian Far East.

She led highly effective international and local grassroots efforts to block pipeline construction in the Altai region of Siberia, which threatened indigenous Altaian's sacred sites and untouched wilderness, to close a toxic paper mill on Lake Baikal in Siberia, and to stop plans to construct a hydroelectric dam that would flood the ancestral lands of indigenous Evenk people in Western Siberia. Galina received an Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship from the US Department of State to complete a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of New Mexico in 2002. She served on the board of International Funders for Indigenous Peoples for seven years.

FIMI has appointed both Galina and Aminatu to the CMC and they will share the Committee tasks among themselves

Perla Álvarez Brítez

Forum CMC member - Perla Álvarez Brítez

Perla Álvarez Brítez was born on May 13, 1971. She studied Architecture at the National University of Asunción, and while she did not finish the degree that experience introduced her to the university student movement which she helped strengthen during the transition to democracy. Perla is a leader of the rural women’s movement, a feminist, and an activist for peasant rights. She is a well-known human rights defender, especially for her work advocating for the liberation of political prisoners.

Since 2007 she has been a member of the women peasants and indigenous organization CONAMURI, which is part of the CLOC-Vía Campesina network, where she does popular education. She is the mother of two children, and a teacher of the Guaraíi language, which she defends on a full-time basis.


Mirta Moragas Mereles

Forum CMC member - Mirta Moragas Mereles

Mirta Moragas Mereles is a Paraguayan lawyer, feminist activist and human rights advocate. She has an LLM in International Legal Studies from the  American University Washington College of Law with a specialization in human rights and gender. She belongs to RESURJ. Also, she is a founding  member of Vecinas Feministas por la Justicia Sexual y Reproductiva en América Latina. Besides, at the local level, she belongs to Las Ramonas, a feminist group that coordinates the Consultorio Jurídico Feminista.

Moreover, she has collaborated with shadow reports processes at the UN for several Committees such as CEDAW, CESCR, CERD, HRC and UPR. She also works as a litigator and researcher in issues regarding gender, sexuality and human rights.

Soraida Hussein

Forum CMC member - Soraida Hussein

Soraida Hussein is a long time women’s rights activist. She co-founded a women’s rights organization and a music for children organization. She is a member of the general assembly and a board member of other organizations.

She is a national, regional and international trainer and facilitator on issues related to Human and Women’s rights. Soraida is the General Director of the Women’s Affairs Technical Committee, and was a co-founder and team member of the Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counselling. She is in charge of the editorial of Women’s Voice, a monthly newspaper, and writes a column as well.

Clau Corredor

Forum CMC member -Clau Corredor

Clau is of the gender/genre “fiction.” A co-founder of Mujeres Al Borde [Women on the Edge], social communicator,* journalist and fan of the performing arts, for the last 20 years Clau has conceptualized and created spaces and processes of artivism, learning, creativity, freedom, pleasure and care for sexual and gender dissidents at the local and international level.

A pioneer of Colombia’s queer artivist theatre world since 1996, Clau was a co-founder of the lesbian organization Triángulo Negro [Black Triangle], which created the first theatre group for lesbian women in Bogotá. In 2001 Clau founded the “Queer Theatre Las Aficionadas” School where more than 1300 people have participated. Clau has been director and playwright of over 21 plays, which have enabled the creation of new and diverse methodologies of inclusion.

Nino Urugrekhelidze

Forum CMC member - Nino Urugrekhelidze

Nino is a queer feminist socialist and data geek from Tbilisi, Georgia. Since 2013 Nino worked at Taso Foundation – Women’s Fund and Memory Research Center in Georgia as the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Development Officer. For nearly 6 years she focused on the development of community philanthropy with leadership of rural and indigenous women and young girls in conflict affected areas of Georgia. During  the last year, she coordinated the research on women’s/feminist movement in Georgia.

For 4 years now she has been working as an external MEL consultant for a number of organizations in Eastern and Central Europe. She has years of experience in youth work and non-formal education at socialist & youth lead organizations. Nino is an Alumna of Robert Bosch Stiftung & MitOst e.V. and was coordinating local alumni ecosystem in Georgia. She studied Sociology and Gender at Tbilisi State University. In her spare time Nino likes cooking for/ with friends and playing board games, spending time with her two cats – Anne and Maru, attending documentary film festivals and reading National Geographic.

Shreya Shah

Forum CMC member - Shreya Shah

Shreya (they/them) is a south asian, gender fluid, queer, femme facilitator, coach, and visual artist based in the U.S. (California). Shreya is the founding director of Saltwater Social Justice Training- rooted in the vision that the antidote for most things is saltwater: sweat, tears, or the sea.  They create transformative spaces for collective liberation through the alchemy of sweat/hard work and discipline; tears/embracing our full human complexity, from joy to grief; and the sea/replenishing our spirits.

They support the capacity building and development of activists and organizers, grassroots groups, collectives, healers, and organizations through Saltwater and Training for Change.

Maie Panaga

Forum CMC member - Maie Pananga

Maie Panaga Babker is a Sudanese woman based in Cairo. She co-runs the editorial section at the Cairo-based Ikhtyar Feminist Collective. In 2014, Mai co-established Ikhtyar, which is devoted to feminist knowledge production in Arabic, covering areas of feminism, sexuality, reproductive health and rights, feminist Internet, and women’s street performances.

Lady Jase of York

Forum CMC member - Lady Jase of York

Lady Jase of York is a young feminist and LGBTQI human rights Activist from the Kingdom of Tonga. She has been actively working as the representative focal person for Tonga Leitis Association Youth to Tonga, the Pacific, and the world. She had experience in travelling to attend international events and training that is beneficial to the work that she does in her community. 
She had also been selected in few times to represent Tonga CSOs in regional and international conferences and training. 

Lady Jase is a co-founding member of a new founding LGBTQI organisation in Tonga- the Vava'u Leitis Association apart from the long-founded umbrella organisation, Tonga Leitis Association was founded in 1992. Lady Jase is an advocate for LGBTQI rights in the Kingdom of Tonga and continues to promote gender equality and campaigning to end discrimination, stigmas, and violence against the rainbow community in Tonga. Recently, she was selected by the Commonwealth Youth Gender Equality Network Campaign Advocacy committee for the Reform 53 campaign. 

She loves to travel and meeting new people on the other side of the world.