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Access Committee

The Access Committee consists of nine members from a range of backgrounds, regions and experiences. Committee members will support us in making the Forum process and space as accessible and welcoming as possible to participants across communities. This Committee will guide and inform AWID’s thinking and practices around access from a holistic perspective, by providing inputs and recommendations for key processes and practices. 

Phylesha Brown-Acton

Forum Access Committee member - Phylesha Brown-Acton

Phylesha is a champion for the rights of sexual and gender identity minority groups within Aotearoa and the Pacific region. She is the Director of F’INE Pasifika Aotearoa, a Whanau Ora funded organisation that supports Pacific LGBTQI+/MVPFAFF individuals and their families in Auckland City, New Zealand.  She is the Co-Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) and is currently completing a Masters degree in Applied Indigenous Knowledge.  She hails from the village of Fineone Hakupu Atua, Niue Island. 

Judy Chang

Forum Access Committee member - Judy Chang

Judy is the Executive Director of the International Network of People who use Drugs and has worked in the HIV and community health field for ten years, across areas of programme management, resource mobilisation, and communications. She has worked across India, China, and Thailand. She holds a Master’s in International Development and a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Contemporary Cultures.

Yeni Rosa Damayanti

Forum Access Committee member - Yeni Rosa Damayanti

Yeni Rosa Damayanti is the chair of Indonesian Mental Health Association and steering committee member of TCI Asia Pacific, a regional organization of people with psychosocial disabilities. As a person with lived experience, Yeni has been working in this field since 2009. Long before that, Yeni was deeply involved in Indonesian women’s movement. She served as the executive board of  Solidaritas Perempuan, a well known women organization and founded Institute Ungu that campaigned women’s issues through art and culture.  

Yeni has been working to introduce disability issues and perspectives into the agenda of women movement and human rights community as well as introducing feminist perspectives to women with disabilities in Indonesia. Bridging the still existing gap between women movement and women with disability movement is one of her priorities. 

Svitlana Moroz

Forum Access Committee member - Svitlana Moroz

Svitlana is a Ukrainian women’s rights activist living with HIV. She is one of the founders of the national network of women living with HIV “Positive Women” and since 2013 she has coordinated activities for the Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS. Svitlana is a leading author of the unique community-based research led and driven by women living with HIV “Sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and human rights, gender-based violence, economic and political opportunities of women living with HIV in Ukraine”; and co-author of Shadow Report on the situation of women who use drugs, women living with HIV, sex workers, and lesbian, bisexual women and transgender people in Ukraine submitted to CEDAW.

Huei Mei Grace Chang

Forum Access Committee member - Huei Mei Grace Chang

Co-founder of Taiwan Association for Disability Rights (TADR), Grace serves as Chairperson of Women Protection and Gender Equality Committee under TADR.She has held several large international symposiums, bringing together high profile activists, academics and policy makers to expedite the awareness of disability rights. She is also an expert member of Taipei City Committee of Women’s Rights Promotion and Director of R.O.C. Autism Rights Promotion Association, among other positions. She joined U-Lead participatory action research of University of Leeds on employment of severe physical disabled women. She has devoted her energy to promoting the rights of persons with disabilities, especially women with disabilities.

Ellen Murray

Forum Access Committee member - Ellen Murray

Ellen is the ED of TransgenderNI, lead consultant on the Gender Ideology project at Global Action for Trans Equality and an independent human rights consultant. She is a public appointment to the UK Government’s LGBT Advisory Panel since April 2019. She has been campaigning since April 2013 for the rights of trans & non-binary people in Northern Ireland. She is passionate about accessible community building, and is working to bring welcoming, cohesive and easy-to-access community spaces, projects and activism to LGBTQ and trans communities across Northern Ireland and elsewhere. 

Lizzie Kiama

Forum Access Committee member - Lizzie Kiama

Lizzie is founder and Managing Trustee at This-Ability Trust, a nonprofit that works to advance disability rights and inclusion for women and girls with disabilities in Kenya. She has been responsible for conceptualizing and coordinating national and regional movement-building initiatives focused on amplifying voice, building partnerships and creating visibility for women with disabilities across Kenya and beyond - including leading conversations with the private sector on disability inclusion in the workplace and exploring the role of advertising and marketing in realizing the enjoyment of rights for women and girls with disabilities.

Pratima Gurung

Forum Access Committee member - Pratima Gurung

Pratima is a leading academic activist from Asia. She is a faculty member of Padmakanya College, a single women college, under Tribhuvan University in Nepal. She works on gender, disability and indigenous issues across Asia. She serves as a General Secretary for Indigenous Persons with Disabilities Global Network (IPWDGN), Chair of the National Indigenous Disabled Women Association Nepal (NIDWAN) and advisory member of Disability Advocacy Rights Fund (DRAF). 

Shivani Gupta

Forum Access Committee member - Shivani Gupta

Shivani, a self-advocate,  is a renowned Chief consultant and founder of AccessAbility India, a cross-disability consultancy working for the inclusion of persons with disabilities. With lived experiences of disability and 20 years of working experience in this field, she manages AccessAbility which is working towards creating accessible and inclusive environments. Shivani is working and engaging with multiple stakeholders including UN agencies, corporate houses and Organizations of Persons with Disabilities on various accessibility initiatives such as accessibility audits for public buildings and spaces. Ms. Gupta is currently a PhD research fellow at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands. She has also co-authored publications pertaining to improving accessibility in physical environments, public procurement, assistive devices, support services and much more.