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© Adolfo Lujan | Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) - modified

Feminist Resistance Series

“Dreams of a Feminist Future”

Reem El Attar (@reemillustrates), Ottawa, Canada
FR Mag - Reem El Attar - ENG
Reem El Attar (@reemillustrates)

“Her feminist reality is…”

Chulumanco-Mihlali Nkasela (@chulunkasela), Cape Town, South Africa 

The picture was taken during a protest at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, we had led a series of protests for over two weeks where we were challenging the universities policies surrounding gender based violence and femicide, and the safety of students in campus with particular attention to female and queer students. 

FR Mag - Resistance series - Chulumanco-Mihlali Nkasela
Chulumanco-Mihlali Nkasela (@chulunkasela)

“Tejedoras de sueños” [Women weaving dreams]

Diana Mar (@mar_indigo_), Oaxaca, Mexico

In the coastal region of Oaxaca weaving has been a legacy of resistance among women for generations. We women are weaving by waist loom the threads of our own histories, struggles and dreams. 

FR Mag - Resistance series - Diana Manilla Arroyo
Diana Manilla Arroyo (@diana_manilla)
FR Mag - Resistance series - Diana Manilla Arroyo 1
Diana Manilla Arroyo (@diana_manilla)

“Mawjoudat - women in revolution”

Eleonora Gatto (@nora_lagatta86), Beirut / Italy

Since Oct. 17, 2019, women in Lebanon have been on frontlines of the revolution fighting a political system tightly entrenched with patriarchy. They have unapologetically occupied male-dominated spaces, guided the demonstrations, put their bodies between the protesters and the army, imposed roadblocks and called for women, refugees, lgbtq+, migrants and workers’ rights through an intersectional lens.

FR Mag - Resistance series - by Eleonora Gatto
Eleonora Gatto (@nora_lagatta86)
FR Mag - Resistance series - by Eleonora Gatto 1
Eleonora Gatto (@nora_lagatta86)

“Un Violador en Tu Camino”

Elli Mulder, International Women’s Day March, Melbourne, 2020 (@ellimulder)

I took this photo just after the chant ‘Un Violador en tu Camino’. The air was thick with power and passion. For me, this image represents the collective and unapologetic demand of women everywhere to change the way things are.

FR Mag - Resistance series - by Elli Mulder
Elli Mulder (@ellimulder)

“We carry one another towards the future”

Marga RH (@Marga.RH), Chile / UK

Until dignity becomes a habit

These portraits are inspired by the voices of resistance and protest movements in Latin America, especially by the key role that feminised bodies play in these struggles. It is a tribute to the grassroots feminist movements in resistance.

FR Mag - Resistance series - by Marga RH
Marga RH (@Marga.RH)

“Entretejidas” [Interwoven women]

Surmercé (@surmerce), Santa Marta

My artivism aims to decolonize our senses in everyday life. I like to create spaces that communicate how we weave together our different struggles, and that render visible dissident (re)existences, other possible worlds, and living bodies here in the SOUTH.

 FR Mag - Resistance series - by Surmecé
Surmecé (@surmerce)

“What I have learned from anti-prohibitionist women”

Aline Lemos (@a_linelemos), Belo Horizonte, Brazil
 FR Mag - Aline Lemos - 1 ENG
Aline Lemos (@a_linelemos)
FR Mag - Aline Lemos - 2 ENG
Aline Lemos (@a_linelemos)
FR Mag - Aline Lemos - 3 ENG
Aline Lemos (@a_linelemos)


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