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Operations Coordinator

Fecha límite: Hasta que se cubra el puesto

Lugar: Omaha, NE, USA

Organización: Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation

The primary role of the Operations Coordinator is to manage budget and operations to ensure optimal effectiveness of the GP team. The GP team is currently implementing a new program strategy and is planning for growth in the coming years. The Operations Coordinator will serve as a backbone to the team’s growth and pivoting, providing a range of core support to the Director and the team, primarily excellence in budget management, operational support. S/he will be willing to do what it takes to enable the team to succeed in delivering on their ambitious strategy. The Coordinator will work to optimize existing systems and design and build additional processes to improve outcomes and enhance collaboration, all while continuously executing on tight and high stakes deadlines.

The Ideal Candidate

This position is right for you if you are:

  • A numbers guru | An excel whiz, with a track record of building and managing large, complex, and dynamic budgets. You have a solid understanding of the program strategy’s vision, the foundation’s grants processes, and can help others find their way to cost it. You are able to provide a range of budget and finance support, guidance, insight, and coordination to the Director, GP team members, and grantees as needed.
  • An organized systems lover | You love systems that make life easier and outcomes stronger. You love to organize and find efficiencies, and to leverage tools and processes to do so but only so far as they are really necessary. You don’t go overboard, but find ways to bring others along, finding optimal approaches to help the team stay aligned and productive, increasing efficiency and transparency in a way that still fits within the foundation’s low process culture. You keep sight of and meet deadlines consistently.
  • An active and agile problem solver | You are an ace at investigating issues, identifying or developing options, and selecting solutions to problems that occur in the day-to-day. You’re someone who does not get lost in ambiguity, but can always find a path forward through information-gathering, establishing facts, following procedures and precedents, and using good judgement to test solutions as a way forward when no precedents exist. You are very comfortable with ambiguity even as you work to bring order to chaos and structure to grey.
  • Adaptable with a good sense of humor | You are able to manage up, down, and sideways like a champ. You keep sight of the end-goal and are flexible in how that is achieved, committed to bringing others along, providing A+ service and support, and maintaining a positive attitude along the way. You are ready to pivot as needed, and in fact love to do so. You aren’t out for ownership and credit, but to facilitate a smooth and results-driven process that brings others along toward excellence.
  • A strong relationship manager | You provide a high standard of service to GP Director, team members and other foundation staff, grantees, and external partners. You will deal with internal or external contacts who ask for service or require information and create a positive image of the Foundation by being responsive and prompt in responding to requests and referring the user to the right Foundation point person if necessary.


Primary responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Budget and Finance
    - Managing and tracking multi-year grants budget for the GP team, providing timely projections, insights, and reports as needed in alignment with the GP strategy
    - Providing select ad hoc budget and finance support to GP team members and grantees based on a deep understanding of the GP grants process and strategy
  • Systems
    - Managing the overall functionality of GP team systems, online and offline
    - Continuously identifying opportunities to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and increase collaboration for positive outcomes.
    - Tracking progress of GP team delivery on GP program strategy, providing ad hoc support if needed
  • Logistics and Coordination
    - Coordinating development and finalization of GP board report two times a year
    - Providing on-site logistics and coordination support for Director and team-wide meetings, including hosting grantees
    - Collaborating with US Program and Research and Evaluation team members to provide foundation-wide support and coordination on an ad hoc basis

GP Team Functionality

  • Coordinating recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes
  • Providing operational and logistical support to remote GP team members, and coordinating a unified team environment
  • Maintaining communication and positive relationships with all GP team members
  • Contributing to an inclusive, collaborative, productive global GP team culture


Skills and knowledge the candidate must possess:

  • Expertise in excel, and proficiency in Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Proven track record of managing large, complex, and dynamic budgets
  • Demonstrated familiarity with project management tools and systems
  • Strong communications skills with a range of audiences, written, verbal, and otherwise
  • Ability to synthesize and summarize large amounts of information and complex data in an orderly and efficient manner
  • Strong initiative with the ability to work independently and solve problems with limited context and supervision
  • Growth mind-set with a commitment to develop and support teammates’ growth as well
  • Superior organizational, scheduling, and planning skills to balance multiple activities, projects, and priorities, paying attention to detail as well as an ability to take a big-picture perspective
  • Impeccable ability to safeguard confidential information, particularly for personnel-related matters and confidential Foundation business
  • Ability to manage up and experience collaborating successfully with a range of personalities and work styles

Education and Experience

A range of professional experiences or educational preparation will be considered.

Finance and operational skills are more important than reproductive health content knowledge, however, topical familiarity is certainly a plus.

Cómo postular:

Send cover letter and resume to with subject line Operations Coordinator – Global Programs. Position finalists will be invited to interview in-person at the Foundation in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.