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Programme Officer – Monitoring, Learning And Evaluation

Fecha límite:

Lugar: Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal

Organización: Women’s Fund Asia

Overview of Organisation

Women’s Fund Asia (WFA) is a regional women’s fund, committed to supporting women and trans people led interventions, to enhance and strengthen their access to human rights. The Fund started in 2004 as the South Asia Women's Fund (SAWF), operating in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In 2016 the organisation undertook an intense process of review and consultations, and on 8 March 2018, it was relaunched as Women's Fund Asia, including all of Asia in its mandate, increasing its outreach from 5 to 18 countries. From 2004-2017, it supported over 300 initiatives and 30 feminist lawyers, with grants worth over $4.6 million.

The present programme team works out of four cities in South Asia to implement the Asia-wide programme, with a diverse pool of consultants and experts rostered across the larger region. WFA’s headquarters is in Colombo, while the Executive Director works out of the Liaison Office in Lucknow, and a satellite office is located in New Delhi. WFA seeks to recruit a Programme Officer who will be responsible forthe entire regional grant-making and its supporting activities.

They will work closely with other programme team members, under the supervision of the Director of Programmes. The PO will seek guidance from the grant-making advisory committee to ensure that WFA is fulfilling its mandate as well as expectations from the women’s movements in the region. WFA’s programme and its strategy is rooted in feminist principles; it is imperative that the values, understanding and behaviour of the PO is entrenched in the same principles.


Overview of Position

The PO, will work as part of the programme team, and will be responsible for coordinating and supporting the monitoring and evaluation, research, and learning of the Programmes Team at WFA. This includes supporting the team to track progress against outcome indicators; assess, propose and implement improvements to our procedures and policies to facilitate learning by us as well as by our grantee-partners;


Experience:  Minimum 3 years experience in M,L&E with a funding organisation (preferably for a human rights donor) or a women’s rights organisation, especially in developing indicators, outputs and assessing outcomes.  3-5 years of progressively responsible experience in social justice sector in the region.  Previous work experience with regional organization and/or donor organization will be an added advantage

Academic Qualifications:  Masters degree in any of social sciences subjects, Statistics or any other relevant subject

Expertise & Skills:  Knowledge of different types of learning, monitoring and evaluation frameworks and tools (emergent learning, outcome mapping, log frames, etc.).  Good qualitative and quantitative data analysis skills.  Information management knowledge.  Capacity building and/or experience conducting monitoring and evaluation trainings for stakeholders preferred.  Ability to monitor, evaluate and assess impact of multiple projects over multiple years with multiple deliverables and deadlines.  Ability to design, organize and lead the implementation of work plans and relevant processes  Knowledge and Understanding of socio-political context (with a focus on women/human rights) in Asia, particularly South Asian countries  Excellent documentation skills  Ability to communicate extremely well in English and one other regional language2 is a must; knowing more than one regional language is an asset  Presentation, coordination, negotiation, building and reviewing systems, assessing impact, and decision making skills are imperative.  Ability to work in a multi—cultural environment, with an international team, based in remote locations, is a must  Willingness to undertake extensive travel  Strong interpersonal skills and the proven ability to provide leadership to a team and to work in a team environment  High comfort and tolerance to manage stress and role demands


Organizational Resilience  Upholds the values and principles of the organization  Works with the Executive Director, the Director of Programmes and other programme team members to ensure that the organisation is realising it articulated mission and theory of change

Leadership  Maintains professional conduct, confidentiality and ethical standards  Leads the planning and execution of activities as per programme agreements  Manage day-to-day implementation of grant-making and its other supporting activities

Undertake oversight and evaluation to ensure due diligence, grant making and reviewing processes; including periodic evaluations and learning and accountability processes

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning

  • Ensures realisation of WFA’s Theory of Change through effective implementation of ML&E portfolio
  • Facilitate the programme team in the development of new Theories of Change and results frameworks
  • Provide technical support to the Programme officers in developing monitoring systems for projects and programmes
  • Coordinate and manage the monitoring and evaluation, research, and learning framework of the Programmes Team, including advising on how to further develop the system to continuously improve our ability to track, learn from and evaluate the results of our work with grantee-partners and other programming.
  • Develop data collection tools and formats
  • Coordinate the process of collecting and sharing data about the accountability, effectiveness and impact of our Programmes.
  • Develop mechanisms for data compilation including customizing the use of softwares such as Salesforce, making sure that the needed reports are generated
  • Monitor timely entry of data by the Programme team and raise alerts to Programme team and Director of programmes if there are delays
  • Maintain data integrity in our database.
  • Monitor the quality of assessment done by Programme team and provide feedback for improvement
  • Support the Programmes and Grants Administration teams to develop, implement, assess and continuously improve WFA’s grants procedures and policies to ensure smooth processing and management of applications and grants so that monitoring and learning is efficient and content-rich, and results in positive experiences for grantees and applicants.
  • Design and conduct periodic evaluations directly or by outsourcing
  • Conduct or support research about the impact of our work, including by reviewing results over time.
  • Coordinate the six monthly reporting of progress and impact of the Programmes Team’s work, including preparing this evidence for sharing internally and externally.

Outreach and Communications

  • Support the Communications PO to articulate trends in grantmaking outcomes to outside audiences, including by providing data for presentation to media, donors and various institutions.
  • Periodically represent WFA at national and international spaces
  • Promote learning outcomes within WFA


  • Prepare a work plan on the basis of the JD and the projects in hand, which will be finalized along with the team, along with monthly goals and processes
  • Ensure brief weekly, quarterly and annual narrative reports, to enable learning and information sharing in the organization, as well as with external audiences
  • Ensure daily signing in with the Executive Office and the Administrative hub, and maintain a daily attendance sheet on tasks undertaken and hours worked.


  • Local, regional and sometimes international travel is an important component of the portfolio. On an average, the Programme Officer will travel every month depending on the nature of the travel itself – partner visit to the field, workshops/trainings and conferences.
  • The PO will have to submit a report on each of the travels undertaken.

Supporting the Executive Director and Board of Directors

  • Prepares and presents reports; ML&E overview and reports for the review of the board of directors and management team- on a quarterly basis
  • Advises and guides the grant-making team on the learnings from the ground as well as the external landscape with respect to changing political and social contexts and trends that potentially affects the grant-making and other programme related activities.

Job Dimensions

Working Conditions, Contacts and Consequences

  • Manage ML&E for an average of 75 new grants per year
  • Analyse overall learnings from and impact of each of the thematic portfolios
  • Work closely with the grant-making team as well as with the Sub-Committee on Programmes
  • In addition to all tasks listed above, undertake any other task or work as directed by the Executive Director, as needed.
  • The Programme Officer will be supervised by the Director of Programmes, and will report to her in implementing the work plan. They report to the ED on the fulfilment of the TOR.
  • The salary will be commensurate to work experience and person’s skills.
  • There is a six-month probation period, during which the contract can be concluded through a notice of one week on either side. There will be an evaluation before confirmation of the post. Once confirmed, the notice period is one month or salary in lieu of.

The impact of sound judgment, decision-making and management/leadership in this job function is of utmost importance to the organization and its overall ongoing success.

Cómo postular:

We encourage women and trans* persons to apply for the position. The person should be based out of any one of the following countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Interested candidates may please apply on or before 20th July 2018 to info @

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and shortlisted candidates will be intimated by 1st August 2018. Please go through the TOR and requirements before applying.