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Endorse the recommendations for the Spotlight Initiative

In September, the European Union and United Nations announced the Spotlight Initiative: EUR 500 million to end violence against women. While promising, the role of women’s movements and the amount of funding that will meaningfully reach women’s organisations remain unclear. 

Raise your voice to make sure women’s movements have a seat at the table.

The Count Me In! Consortium has developed 10 recommendations for the EU and UN based on 3 principles, summarised below. Read the recommendations in full and find out what we know so far about the Initiative.

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1. Endorse our recommendations!

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Add your name and / or your organization to endorse our recommendations. We will use your signatures to strengthen our multilateral advocacy around the Spotlight Initiative.

Principle: Nothing for us, without us

  • 1. Earmark a minimum of €100 million for direct grants to women’s rights organisations
  • 2. Commit to 30% representation from among women’s movements for meaningful participation
  • 3. Staff the Spotlight Initiative with people who have gender equality and women’s rights expertise

Principle: Let demand drive strategy

  • 4. Prioritize proposals and partnerships where women’s rights movements and organizations play a leading role
  • 5. Proposal selection criteria must include a strong tradition of women’s movement organising around VAW
  • 6. Funding should be open to all forms of violence against women and girls
  • 7. Invest in and build on existing data collection efforts to monitor, track and report on efforts to address VAW

Principle: Fund results, not bureaucracy

  • 8. All funds should be allocated through the existing Interagency UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women
  • 9. Limit layers of bureaucracy and funds for UN processes; get funds to the people to whom it is intended
  • 10. Cap the percentage of support costs

2. Add your suggestions, comments, or demands for how these funds can reach women's organizations!

Your commentary will help strengthen the demands and contribute to further regional analysis of these funds. In some cases, we may reach out to develop inputs into additional articles or suggestions directed to the Initiative.