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Bailout Manifesto: From a Feminist Bailout to a Global Feminist Economic Recovery

Feminist Bailout Manifesto - cover ENG

Why a #FeministBailout?

What lies before us is a decisive moment, not just to shape the post-COVID economic recovery, but life in the future. This pandemic poses an unprecedented public health crisis and potentially the deepest economic recession in modern history. Big businesses and corporations are positioning themselves for a 2008-style financial bailout. 

This Manifesto builds on the the global success of our #FeministBailout Action Week, 1-5 June, 2020. The document combines demands from feminist and social movements and lists 5 principles and 10 actions a feminist post-COVID recovery.

Read and endorse the Bailout Manifesto

Thank you to Lebohang Liepollo Pheko for her economic and political analysis and contributions which informed this policy brief.

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