The AWID Forum is just one stop in the Feminist Realities journey. Let’s travel this path together and explore our power in action!

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Activity Formats

Think of the experience or idea that you want to share: 

How does it break the logic of one or more dominant systems? (for example, if you have created or are planning to create a cooperative, you are breaking the capitalist logic of workers generating profit for employers; if you are part of a medical abortion hotline, you are breaking the patriarchal idea that it is only medical doctors who know about women’s bodies).

  • You can present an idea and be open to discuss it with others.
  • You can also present a feminist reality that is already under way (your project) and be open to share its challenges: what is going well, what you are not very sure about.

  • Your feminist reality can also be a method or a process that you have developed and that moves away from patriarchal logic.
    For instance, we know of groups that have implemented non-violent methods to fight back (successfully!) against corporations, or art-based ways to enable dialogue among different parties in situations of conflict. You can share and demonstrate your process/method at the Forum!

Identify if your proposal fits into the framework of feminist realities

We invite you to make this Forum a space full of opportunities to interact:

Forget about traditional panels, and explore some of the formats below. You can propose an activity that can be done in a specific block of time (90-120 minutes) but also ones that may run for longer (eg. an art exhibition open throughout the Forum, or a space where people can come and experience something over several hours). If you have other creative ideas, we would love to hear them!  (In the form to submit your proposal, you can check the option of “Other”).

Here are examples of some activities to spark your imagination:


Spaces for people to imagine and name diverse expressions and experiences of feminist realities. 

For example: Co-creation of Art installations or Scenarios building


Spaces in which participants can feel, touch, sense, immerse themselves in the concrete experiences of feminist realities through a multiplicity of expressions and creativity. 

For example: Feminist Markets,  Feminist Tribunals, Improvised theater

Skills Share

Spaces where knowledge, tools, mechanisms and processes that have contributed to the strengthening of feminist realities are shared.

For example: Demonstration of feminist popular education  and other participatory and emancipatory methodologies to inspire learning, unlearning and relearning

Great Debates

Spaces to debate, where opposing points of view on issues related to the co-creation of feminist realities are presented, reviewed, argued and even critiziced with the intention to challenge or stimulate feminist realities to flourish. 

Dialogues at the Faultlines

Spaces to “hear” each other at the points of tension within and across feminist movements. Those moments that can, and are manipulated by the opposition.  

By digging deep into these faultlines and working through points of difference we can strive to do no harm and bolster collective power in accessing rights and justice


Spaces for short, stimulating and simple speeches that inspire and present new ideas, perspectives and frameworks around feminist realities. 

Not knowing and learning together 

Spaces to ask questions, test concepts, design possibilities, and take the next steps in the journey of our feminist realities. 

For every Forum there are more proposals than could fit in a lifetime.

This is great! It means there is a lot of energy and creativity in our movements. However, since we are bound by the limitations of space and time, we will be prioritizing activities linked to feminist realities that reflect solutions led by the people most affected by the problem, are multi-dimensional, intersectional and proposed in an engaging, creative way.

Submit your proposal 

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Activity proposals are now accepted until 14 February 2020.

Our commitment to an accessible Forum

Easy Read / Accessible Option

Find here an easy-read accessible version of the call for activities (PDF)

You can also use an easy-read version of the proposal form. Please email us at to request the form.

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