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Forum Schedule: Small group sessions over lunch

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Below is the TENTATIVE forum schedule.  Please note that the FINAL forum schedule will be available onsite at the forum.  Sessions and time slots listed here are subject to change.  Note that some sessions that we added late may not appear here, but will be included in the final schedule onsite in Cape Town.

Download in PDF. (Note: There may be discrepancies between the online schedule and the PDF schedule.  The PDF schedule is more recent and accurate.  The final program book will only be available onsite at the forum.)

Small group sessions over lunch
Saturday, November 15, 2008
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Women Living Under Muslim Laws: Common Goals, Different Strategies
Organized by: Aisha Shaheed, Women Living Under Muslim Laws
Presenters: Marieme Hélie-Lucas
Mehreen Malik
Fatou Sow
Ayesha Imam

Presenters outline the underlying principles of the Women Living Under Muslim Laws international solidarity network, including in what ways its feminist structure allows for dialogue and exchange while respecting – and celebrating – the vast diversity of its networkers. Why was WLUML created? How has it responded to changing political circumstances over the past 25 years? And what are some of the different strategies we use to achieve our common goals?

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
International Domestic Workers Movement
Organized by: Ai-jen Poo, National Domestic Workers Alliance
Presenters: Damairia Pakpahan
Barbara Young
Erline Browne
Carolyn de Leon
Andrea Mercado

This workshop would highlight and bring together domestic workers organizations from around the world, to share experiences, analysis about the conditions, challenges and opportunities for organizing in this sector globally.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
We have Come a Long Way - BUT we have a Long Way to Go
Organized by: Arieta Tuitoga, Equal Ground Pasifik
Presenters: Arieta Tuitoga
Noelene Nabulivou
Penni Moore

The session will discuss mainly the “discrimination” of lesbians and women sex workers within the region of Fiji. The main issues that will be discussed is the contributing factors of embedded culture, religion and political judgment that deters the movement [EGP] from making contact and working closely with this marginalized community. Regional strategic plans can be formulated and neighboring regional groups can be formed to assist one another in formulating a forum where there is a more dive

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Using the Yogyakarta Principles to advance global activism across movements and to build linkages between grass-roots and public policy advocacy
Organized by: Kimberley Vance, ARC International
Presenters: Kimberley Vance
Alejandra Sardá

The Yogyakarta Principles are a revolutionary document summarizing international law with respect to sexual orientation and gender identity. An “Activists’ Guide” will be used to: present them in a plain language format, offer best practices for mobilizing, link them to activism such as women's rights, and provide cross-cultural reflection on strategies. ? present them in usable language ? offer best practices for mobilizing ? link them to activism such as women’s rights ? provide cross-cultural reflection on strategies

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Mind the Gap: Building Participatory Adolescent Girls' Programming Models in Ethiopia, India, and Kenya
Organized by: Maitri Morarji, American Jewish World Service
Presenters: Jamila Nishat
Hasina Khan
Zertihun Tefera
Jenna Capeci
Samiya Mohammed Seid

Three girls' and women's rights organizations from Ethiopia and India will share their successful strategies of working with adolescent girls and discuss challenges that they have faced in balancing the divergent needs and demands placed on them by existing societal power structures, civil society environments within their countries, and expectations of donors with which they work.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
El Movimiento de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca y la participación y desarrollo de las mujeres
Organized by: Tzinnia Carranza, TIANGUIS INDIGENA
Presenters: Tzinnia Carranza

En 2006, en Oaxaca, México, inició un movimiento popular que ha sido de los más importante en la historia del país, con la finalidad de instalar un gobierno popular. En este proceso las mujeres hemos sido protagonistas y actualmente estamos trabajando unidas en diferentes temas de derechos humanos y desarrollo.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Tracing the History of Women’s Movement in Afghanistan: Past, Present & Future
Organized by: Adeena Niazi, Afghan Women's Organization
Presenters: Adeena Niazi
Beheshta Jaghori
Zarsanga Popal

Afghan women have been depicted in a variety of ways, ranging from oppressed “victims of the burqa” to heroic “social actors”. Through an interactive panel, this session will examine the complexity of Afghan women’s movement for empowerment and emancipation before the Soviet invasion to its current struggles today. While exploring the history of Afghan women’s agency and resilience, we move beyond the stereotypical view of the women as helpless victims under the Taliban regime, well-circulated in the mainstream Western media, to attesting to their resistance at various junctions in time. This assertion is not, however, meant to detract from the gendered problems and discrimination most women faced or the suffering of war, conflict, and displacement which they had to endure. In this session, we will highlight that the women who comprised the movement constantly challenged the various injustices and inequalities in their society, employing various strategies appropriate to the situation and the possibilities at hand

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
From Local to Global and Back Again: Building Solidarity between Community-Based Women’s Organizations North and South Addressing Gender Based Violence
Organized by: Karen Takacs, Canadian Crossroads International
Presenters: Karen Takacs
Bernice Sam
Nonhlanhla Dlamini
Pamela Harrison
Amanda Dale

Drawing from the experience of community-based women’s groups working in the area of gender based violence in Canada, Ghana and Swaziland, this session is designed to share lessons from working across borders and to encourage critical reflection with others so that we may begin to articulate alternative models and principles for North-South collaboration built on the principle of solidarity.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
New Era Activists: The Story of Building Women's Activism in Cape Town, South Africa
Organized by: Jean Edith Beukes, Building Women's Activism
Presenters: Jean Edith Beukes
Lucille Kennedy
Selina Beukes
Angela Nhira
Sive Mtshakazi

This will be a session that is designed and facilitated by women activists involved in the labour and social movements in Cape Town, South Africa. The session will be designed in a way which allows participants to collectively analyze the experiences of women activists within movements. It will share the story of Building Women's Activism in Cape Town as an example of a grassroots feminist process directed towards challenging sexism and patriarchy within movements

Small group sessions over lunch
Sunday, November 16, 2008
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Lessons from the field... grappling with the reality of women's action in rural South Africa
Organized by: Ghalib Galant, Gender Advocacay Programme
Presenters: Ghalib Galant

An interactive panel in which 4 key rural women's activists reflect on the challenges facing the collective mobilisation of rural women in South Africa over the past 3 years

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Challenges of Afghan women for a united & strong movement
Organized by: Jamila Afghani, Noor Educational Center (NEC)
Presenters: Fazal Kakar
Jamila Afghani
Aziza Ahmadyar

The session will be lead be a facilitator who will be responsible for time management as well as keeping track of the session according to selected Goal & Objectives. The panel will be consisting of three panelists and each will have their pre selected topics. The panel will be consisting of three panelists and each will have their pre selected topics. The topics will cover three selected objectives and that is the followings: 1. Afghan women challenges and constrains due to culture & custom through out history 2. Sharing experience of Afghan women on the challenges for having a united movement 3. Learning from the others experiences all around the world for leading a united movement

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Impact of Feminist Youth Leadership in US Today
Organized by: Monique Mehta, Third Wave Foundation
Presenters: Rickke Mananzala
Monique Mehta
Marlene Sanchez
Shira Hassan

Third Wave commissioned a report that documents the importance of feminist youth leaders in shaping the feminist movement. This session will provide space to hear about the impact of these groups on social movements as well as explore ways to more effectively fund this cutting edge work in the future.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Religious Arbitration and Family Law: Successful Movement Building in Canada and Globally
Organized by: Amanda Dale, YWCA Canada
Presenters: Amanda Dale
Alia Hogben

Ontario ended the use of religious laws in family dispute arbitration in Ontario because of a successful and diverse movement-building campaign led by women's equality organizations. What can be learned from this experience as we work globally to ensure women's rights in the face of a variety of attacks on them , including increased fundamentalisms?

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Building a Pro-Choice Alliance in Mexico
Organized by: Elsa Pérez, Ipas Mexico
Presenters: Maria Romero Contreras
Maria Mejía Piñeros
Maria Sanchez Fuentes

Five leading sexual and reproductive rights organizations in Mexico will use a talk show format to present the multi-tiered activism strategy that they have employed since 2000 and which contributed to the passage of landmark abortion reform in Mexico City in 2007.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Histoire et perspectives de reconstruction du mouvement des femmes Algériennes
Organized by: Neila Benayad Chérif, Rassemblement Contre la Hogra et pour les Droits des Algériennes "RACHDA"
Presenters: Neila Benayad Chérif
Bahaidja Boussouf
Ziani Nadjah
Ait Aoudia Tassadit
Nadia Moheded

We would like to make a presentation on the rich experience of women’s movement in Algeria through the different stages of its history and propose new strategies for women’s movement both at national and global levels.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Battles for Women's Equality in Iraq - Movement building based on lobbying, media, the power of poetry and the arts
Organized by: Yanar Mohammed, Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq - OWFI
Presenters: Yanar Mohammed
Houzan Mahmoud

OWFI functions in a war-torn society where killing women is part of the ruling parties' political agenda. Building a movement needs both aspects of social mobilization and lobbying towards legislative reform. In the more peaceful Kurdish north, OWFI lobbies towards legislative reform that ends honour-killings and eradicates Sharia laws; while in the war-torn Iraq of the center and south efforts focus currently on creating a women-friendly egalitarian youth movement based on poetry and the arts.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
The plight of women under the military rule in Burma
Organized by: Dwelling Lahtaw, Women's League of Burma
Presenters: Dwelling Lahtaw
Khin Sann Htwe

The session is a panel discussion entitled “The Plight of Women Under Military Rule in Burma". The panel aims to increase more awareness about the situation of the women in Burma and consolidate the support from the international women’s groups and community to bring change and restoration of democracy and peace in Burma.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Building better linkages and ensuring more effective strategizing between activists at the grassroots level and those doing advocacy work at the public-policy level
Organized by: Carlyn Hambuba
Presenters: Carlyn Hambuba

The ?Conversations for a difference? that are to take place in this meeting will generate ideas that FEMNET and its partners can use to develop and strengthen the links between different levels of activism in its future work. The session will be interactive and enable participants to tap into the collective intelligence of the group on how we can move this agenda forward based on the knowledge and experiences of the people that will attend the meeting.

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
From Pain and Sorrow to Colorful World: Solidarity is Our Power!
Organized by: Slobodan Stojanovic, Queeria center
Presenters: Adam Puskar
Stasa Zajovic
Slobodan Stojanovic

The policy of cooperation promulgated by Women in Black has contributed to the building of a stable peace policy in the Balkans region. By moving the problems of violence against certain minority / margin groups into the context of permanent peace building , - by transforming discontent into creative acts - WiB activism leads to a communion of different policies , continually creating new approaches and forms of activism based on WiB values.


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