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Impact of the Crisis on Women

Haiti: Quake Victims Vulnerable as Rainy Season Looms

The earthquake in Haiti has created a humanitarian disaster of immense complexity that brought a massive humanitarian response. However, integrating human rights concerns into the relief operations is essential to protecting the well-being of Haitian victims, especially women, children, and other vulnerable groups.


Haiti's Women Rise from the Rubble

By Bernice Robertson

The quake claimed the lives of Haiti’s best-known feminist activists. How the rebuilding efforts should advance gender equality—and honor their memories.


To Help Haiti, Upend Aid Habits, and Focus on its Women

Elaine Zuckerman, President of Gender Action and the former Inter-American Development Bank Programs Officer for Haiti, writes about what needs to be done to make sure that aid to Haiti does not repeat the mistakes of the past


Haiti: Funding gap for nutrition

Donors have contributed just 6 percent of the funds sought for post-earthquake nutritional assistance to women and children in Haiti, according to the UN.


Haiti: Displaced Women Face Double Jeopardy

By Marguerite A. Suozzi

Women's rights and development activists working in Haiti say that greater attention must be paid to the immediate needs of women and girls, as well as their role in the long-term reconstruction of the devastated country.


The first legal ruling in Haiti: fourth grain of sand

By Maria Suarez

The state that did not exist, exists again in Haiti, with the first legal charges in the midst of the aftermath of the earthquake.


Departing Chilean President to lead UN efforts advocating for Haitian women

The United Nations Women’s Fund (UNIFEM) has announced that the outgoing Chilean President will work closely with the agency to speak out on behalf of Haitian women suffering from the massive earthquake that devastated the Caribbean country on 12 January.


In Haiti, UN feeds thousands more with new food scheme aimed at women

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is "cautiously optimistic" about a newly launched scheme that could provide rice to some 2 million Haitians over the next two weeks, and promises to cut down on the recent chaotic scrambles around food trucks as men, women and children pushed to obtain supplies.


Rebuild With the Women of Haiti

In my 30-plus years working in development, I have never witnessed worse devastation than the images I have seen since the Jan. 12 earthquake that left an estimated 200,000 people dead and millions more affected in Port-au-Prince and its surroundings.


Criminals in Haiti 'raping quake survivors and trafficking children'

Criminals in Haiti are preying on vulnerable earthquake survivors, even raping women, in makeshift camps set up in Port-au-Prince after the disaster.



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