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Issues and Analysis

Counting the Cost of Machismo

PARIS — When Alexandra Pascalidou, a Swedish-Greek writer and television host, joked on a Greek cooking show that dad rather than mom might make dinner for the children, her producer, she recalled, yelled into her earpiece to “cut that feminist nonsense.”


USA: Legal doubts surface as court extends California gay marriage ban

Federal appeals court extends the block on gay marriage in California but opens question of who can appeal Prop 8 ruling


Beautiful Women Used to Obscure the Horrors of War

Today,* Time hits newsstands with a photo of a beautiful young woman with her nose cut off. Western photography, war, and beautiful "victims" have a long and fraught history.


Costa Rica: Gays Unite Against Referendum on Civil Unions

Human rights organisations and the gay community in Costa Rica have joined forces to try to block a referendum on a law for civil unions between partners of the same sex.


Israel: Jewish Women Take On the Orthodox

Jerusalem is a city blessed but also cursed by its own holiness. No more so than here at 'Ground Zero', the religious epicentre within the walled Old City, beneath the most disputed holy site -- the Haram al-Sharif or Noble Sanctuary as known to Muslims, Har Habayit or the Temple Mount for Jews.


Nora Shourd and Iran Mothers of Prisoners of Conscience

TEHRAN: Outside the prison walls of ward 350, in the IRI – Islamic Republic of Iran’s Evin Prison, a group of brave demonstrators hold placards and pictures of their loved ones who are part of a hunger strike.


Development Cooperation Forum holds some promise for women’s rights advocates

FRIDAY FILE: In late June 2010, the second biennial Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) took place at the UN headquarters in New York. Natalie Raaber and Anne Schoenstein from AWID participated in the DCF and share information and reflections on the meeting and what it means for the relationship between development cooperation and women’s rights going forward.


Iran stoning woman 'confesses'

An Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning for allegedly committing adultery has reportedly appeared on state television to "confess" her crime.


Decolonising African feminism

Let us focus on African women’s agency, not just their oppression.


Suicides among migrants in Kuwait persist at an alarming rate in June and July

Over the past two months, there have been 23 reported cases of suicide or attempted suicide by migrant workers in Kuwait, meaning that about every 2.5 days a migrant worker commits or attempts suicide in Kuwait. Migrant workers are often driven to suicide by harsh living and working conditions and abuse at the hand of their sponsors.



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