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Issues and Analysis

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is over. Now what?

Well, Indigenous Peoples’ Day — what some still think is Columbus Day — has come and gone. After a day of celebrating indigenous resistance across the Americas, what’s an activist to do with their holiday hangover?


Claiming rights, facing fire: young feminist activists

The increased violence against young women human rights defenders needs to be matched by funders prepared to respond more directly to the priorities identified by young people. Ruby Johnson says shifting the framework of how funders work with young people is essential.


The Human Rights-Based Approach, the Right to Development, and the North-South Divide

The north-south divide between member states at the Human Rights Council continued to intensify during its 27th session. Why has the growing polarisation between a cross section of global north and global south States come up in both formal events and informal negotiations?


#FergusonFridays: Not all of the Black freedom fighters are men: An Interview with Black Women on the Front line in Ferguson

As we marched from West Florissant to the Ferguson Police Department on that sweltering day in August, a bevy of voices carried through the air like a canon with a very specific target. Two young women armed with a megaphone, climbed on top of a cement wall above the crowd. “If Mike don’t get it, shut it down! If we don’t get it, shut it down!” they screamed. The crowd soon echoed the chant. In front of us, members of the Ferguson Police Department stood in a row, their faces expressionless; their gazes everywhere but nowhere. Regardless, the chants got louder. One man who joined the women above stepped down, chuckled and said, “I guess she got this.” And he was right. She did.


Women in Tanzania set for equal land rights – let’s make sure it happens

The country’s new constitution is a great milestone, but it still has to be implemented – a challenge that also remains elsewhere


We can no longer ignore Ebola’s wider impact – particularly on women

Women are not only more likely to be infected; their education, healthcare, food security and livelihoods are also suffering


Investing in girls doesn’t end the cycle of violence

This year’s theme for International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC) is Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence. While ending gender-based violence is a vitally important issue, the UN missed the opportunity entirely to tackle the root causes that allow violence to be a cycle. In its communication materials around the girl child, the UN states: “Investing in girls is the right andsmart thing to do.”


Away From the Uniform and the Beard: She Rides Her Bicycle!

Tomorrow seven Women Human Rights Defenders will go on trail in Egypt, charged under the so-called 'Protest Law' for exercising their right to peaceful assembly. Among these women is Yara Sallam, a WLUML networker and a friend and ally to many at WLUML. Here, Doaa Abdelaal, Chair of WLUML's Board, pays tribute to Yara's work and friendship.


WHRDs in Egypt: Between the Junta and the Islamists

Since the revolution erupted in Egypt in 2011, two main forces have been controlling the scene: the military junta and the Islamists. Tomorrow sees 7 Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) charged under the so-called 'Protest Law' appear in court.  Fatma Emam, Egyptian feminist and member of WLUML’s Advisory Council, describes the situation from the ground.


Tunisia: Candidates Should Speak Up on Rights

Political parties and candidates competing inTunisia’s October 26, 2014, parliamentary elections should describe how they will promote human rights and legal and other reforms if elected, Human Rights Watch said today as it released a Human Rights Agenda for Tunisia. Human rights have received little attention from political parties and candidates as they prepare for Tunisia’s second parliamentary elections since the 2011 revolution.



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