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Issues and Analysis

El Salvador: meet the women who dare to challenge the anti-abortion state

El Salvador's strict abortion laws mean a woman can be charged with homicide for suffering a miscarriage. But a high-profile case that drew global condemnation may prove a catalyst for change


Why does Lebanese bill on domestic violence fail to tackle marital rape?

Long-awaited bill originally drafted to protect women from violence has, bizarrely, endorsed a 'marital right to intercourse'


Interview with Colombian WHRD Aida Quilcué

All through the Americas, from Canada down to Argentina, women human rights defenders fight for the rights and lands of Indigenous peoples.


Trauma Still Fresh for Rwanda’s Survivors of Genocidal Rape

Claudine Umuhoza’s son turned 19 this Apr. 1. And while he may be one of at least thousands of children who were conceived during the Rwandan genocide, he’s not officially classified as a survivor of it. But his mother is. 


Meet a Defender: Dr Isatou Touray

Dr. Isatou Touray, co-founder and executive director of Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices (GAMCOTRAP), is committed to ‘knife-dropping’, or ending the brutal custom of FGM in her country.


Widows of the genocide: How Rwanda's women are rebuilding their lives

Widows' associations, which sprung up after the 1994 massacre, are bucking Rwandan tradition by setting up retirement homes


In Venezuela, a Popular Uprising, or Class Warfare?

This much is known: at least 33 people are dead and 461 have been wounded. The rest – questions of who, why and what next for Venezuela – has largely been a matter of speculation. 


Interview with Sahraa Karimi: “The taste of freedom is a powerful antidote to oppression”

Sahraa Karimi is a young female Afghan filmmaker who grew up in Iran. In her early twenties, she migrated to Slovakia, and spent the next 12 years studying for Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in film and directing. When she returned to Afghanistan, Karimi co-founded the Kapila Multimedia House to promote independent cinema and has recently re-opened the Kaluch Kapila Cinema. 


Phumzile Mtetwa & Val Kalende on Anti-LGBTI Legislation

On Africa Today with Walter Turner, Phumzile Mtetwa  and Val Kalende discuss resistance strategies around the recent legislation from Uganda and Nigeria criminalising LGBTIQ people in those countries.


DR Congo: No More Delays for Justice

Enact Laws to Facilitate Trials for Grave International Crimes



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