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Issues and Analysis

Challenging the Power of the One Percent

When you are faced with the task of moving an object but find it is too heavy to lift, what is your immediate and most natural response? You ask someone to help you lift it. And it makes all the difference.


Protect Women Human Rights Defenders' Right to Privacy

In recent years, revelations of mass governmental surveillance have propelled the right to privacy into the public eye and discourse. However, equal attention needs to be given to surveillance practices by individuals against each other, as well as by the private sector and non-state actors.


“If I were told that I only have one day left to live, I would spend it fighting for human rights" - Mutabar Tadjibaeva

This article, originally published by FIDH on March 27th, 2015, talks about the life of 52-year-old Uzbek journalist and activist Mutabar Tadjibaeva, who arrived in France in 2009 as a political refugee.


Fighting Hate: Exposing Extremist Groups in the U.S.

The Southern United States in the early 1970s was a time of both possibility and disappointment. As a result of the work of civil rights activists, the 60s had seen the creation of new laws seeking to guarantee racial equality across the country. But after these victories had been achieved, legislative changes often did not do enough to change people’s lived realities – particularly for black communities in the South.


The UN Leaves Women’s Rights Defenders in the Cold

This article, originally published by Pass Blue on March 20th, 2015, discusses how the United Nations has so far given lukewarm political support to defenders of gender rights worldwide — particularly women who defend women’s rights, a dangerous occupation in many regions.


Honduran Women Refuse to Be Silenced in Face of yet Another Setback

Even in a country where struggle is a way of life for feminists, the imprisonment of the celebrated women’s rights defender Gladys Lanza marks a fresh low.


Egyptian women's rights: no time for dissent

The act of dissent should match the need for equality, rather than the time for equality. In the fight for a right, there are no divisions.


Disposable Girls

The fight to protect the world's girls, whether from sexual exploitation or abduction, is not about saving individuals. It is about profound structural change in the hierarchical power relations of patriarchy.


Salaam and Paz: The Word for Peace Is Women

This article, originally published by Open Democracy 50.50. on March 6th, 2015, discusses how women’s activism, caretaking and community-building is often relegated to the category of service provision, but sustainable peace depends upon it. 


The Women Who Defend Human Rights - María Martín

Protection International spoke with María  Martín, a lawyer by training and has worked as consultant, researcher, and legal advisor in human rights institutions in Latin America, mainly on matters relating to protection of (women) human rights defenders, about criminalisation patterns and how it specifically affects women who defend human rights.



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