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Interview with David Bahati

Rachel Maddow interviews David Bahati, the Ugandan Parliament member who has been advocating for a bill that classifies homosexuality as a capital offense.


30 Million Lost Jobs Drag Down Global Economic Recovery

IPS - The global economic recovery is being stymied by a hefty rise in unemployment in industrial economies, including the United States, Japan and Western Europe, according a new U.N. report released.


Morocco rallies for expat women rights

Morocco launched a massive campaign to extend the application of Moudawana to women living and working abroad.


Violence, Exploitation Fail to Dissuade Female Migrants

IPS - Since arriving in Cape Town five years ago, Erina Manyene (not her real name) has eked out a meagre living picking up shifts doing laundry and cleaning other people’s homes in the city’s leafy southern suburbs.


'Free Trade' agreements contribute to financial and other crises

SOMO - While the financial crisis and its consequences are spreading around the world and even the most erstwhile ‘free market’ governments are discussing how to re-regulate the financial sector, bilateral and regional ‘free trade’ agreements continue extreme deregulation of the financial industry.


Responses and issues in LATAM

ILO - Several papers about the impact and responses to the crisis in Latin America were published by ILO in early December. With issues such as: Are domestic markets the answer to the global financial crisis? Essential services for employment during recovery, Unemployment insurance, Social protection policies to face the crisis and for growth, Macroeconomy for decent work, Wages in crisis and in recovery and Employment policies.


Global economic crisis, gender and work: key policy challenges and options

ILO - Women form 40 per cent of the total global work force. In the context of the continuing global economic and job crisis, there is a fear that the progress made in advancing gender equality in the world of work is being jeopardized. An example of this is the increasing numbers of working poor in the informal and rural economies, where women are typically over represented.


CREA Conference ()


April, 16, 2011 - April, 18, 2011


ITUC Statement on Human Rights Day

ITUC - Fundamental human rights are under attack in every region of the world,and respect for workers’ rights in particular is being undermined as working people are increasingly forced to bear the burden of the global economic crisis, in contravention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other UN and International Labour Organisation instruments.


Polygamy law is unconstitutional, B.C. court told

Canada’s law against polygamy is unconstitutional and can’t be justified on modern interpretations that cast the statute as a means of protecting vulnerable women and children, says a lawyer appointed to challenge the rarely used law in a landmark reference case.



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