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USA: Petition to Tell NBC to Reject Ads of Aborted Bloody Fetuses on Super Bowl Sunday

Why This Is Important

In 2004 Janet Jackson had a "wardrobe malfunction", briefly exposing a breast, resulting in a horrific outcry that she was indecent and must apologize for being offensive. It was also that same year another television network rejected ads from the United Church of Christ deeming those to be too controversial.


From Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi to Yemen's Tawakkol Karman, Women Lead in World Politics

When this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners were announced, it was impossible to read coverage unheralded by the fact that all three are women.


Women Farmers Feed the World

It’s harvest season in Burkina Faso. Throughout the West African nation’s rural regions, small farmers—mostly women—are harvesting millet, rice, and sorghum to feed large families. 


Dismantling Gender Stereotypes: The role of laws

FRIDAY FILE: Gender stereotypes disadvantage women in many ways. A book by Rebecca J. Cook and Simone Cusack examines these stereotypes from a legal perspective and argues for a transnational legal approach to dismantling them.


Hungary: New Constitution Comes into Effect with Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Hungary’s new constitution, which bans gay marriage and does not explicitly protect gay people from discrimination, has come into force amid public unrest.


Women Experts Barred from Gynecology Conference in Israel

A conference focusing on gynecological advancements in Israel has barred women experts from speaking at the gathering.


Not Just Decor: The Struggle for Real Women’s Rights in Lebanon

We, the women who reside in Lebanon, excuse ourselves from playing the decorative role that has been imposed on us.

We take to the streets today to say that we are aware and knowledgeable about the methodical war that state and society have waged on our bodies and our safety through their political parties and leaders.

From now on, we will not accept empty promises that are heaped upon us every time we call for our rights.

We will not give in to patience. We will not bite our wounds and postpone the battles of today to tomorrow.

Our voices will be louder than the bickering between your parties and your sporadic yet connected wars.


Egypt’s Women Find Power Still Hinges on Men

CAIRO — At first Samira Ibrahim was afraid to tell her father that Egyptian soldiers had detained her in Tahrir Square in Cairo, stripped off her clothes, and watched as she was forcibly subjected to a “virginity test.”


Why Reproductive Freedom Is Financial Freedom for Women

It’s not every day that you read a treatise on women’s health over on the “Forbes” website.  And it’s definitely not every day that the article is advocating for a women’s right to choose to have an abortion.


How To Thank The Women Who Paved the Way

Each generation of women who have come before us have given us rights that make us who we are today. They have truly made our lives easier. Like a pretty gift given to us, we accept it happily not always knowing how much the gift cost or how much time and diligence went into the packaging.



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