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Institutional Member: The Indigenous Women’s Network of Thailand (IWNT)

IWNT profile Jan 16th

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The Indigenous Women’s Network of Thailand (IWNT) was founded in 1996 and operated within one of the largest national indigenous organizations to provide a gender perspective to development activities affecting indigenous peoples in Thailand. In early 2011 IWNT was established as an independent organization working towards improving the lives of indigenous women in Thailand. IWNT advocates for indigenous women’s rights, equal opportunities in participation, and acceptance of the value of women's traditional knowledge. The organization works to inform indigenous women about their rights, to promote national and international instruments for women’s protection, and encourage women’s participation in local government and other decision-making structures, as well as provide training to prepare indigenous women leaders for public roles. IWNT currently consists of a Committee of 10 indigenous women who are dedicated to empowering, strengthening and supporting indigenous women. The Committee provides direction and governs the activities of the organization. To contact IWNT, please visit their website

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