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Individual Member: Aya Chebbi

Aya Chebbi

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Aya Chebbi is a young Tunisian activist, amateur photographer, blogger and peace coach. She started her activism as a volunteer teacher and monitor in summer camps. As a children's instructor, Aya helped direct the National Organization for Tunisian Children aiming to improve the lives of children and protect their rights. She became a peer educator on sexual health and HIV/AIDS at the international network Y-Peer, a Red Crescent volunteer and a Soliya Facilitator. Following Tunisia’s revolution, Aya volunteered in refugee camps on the Libyan borders and also co -founded “Haqi”, an organization offering training on human rights integration in daily life. After her Fellowship with the World Peace Initiative, she became more interested in peace issues. Currently, Aya is the African Youth Coordinator at the Peace Revolution Project and recently, along with three other Tunisian activists, she founded a women led organization "United Women for Peace" aimed at defending women's rights. Aya received her degree in English and International Relations from the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis. To find out more, visit her blogor email to connect with Aya.


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