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About this Initiative


BFEMO works to produce research and resources to support women’s organizations and movements to be more sustainable and effective. A strong organizational core is crucial to advance feminist agendas and build resilience in the face ofexternal threats and to challenge patriarchal norms and power relations. In part, this calls for developing strong assessment and learning frameworks in order to track desired changes and build stronger strategies. Yet, many of the available and most popular assessment frameworks and tools are often too rigid, short-term, and linear to capture the complexity and longer term impact of women’s rights, empowerment, and gender equality work.

BFEMO synthesizes the rich experiences of women’s rights activists and organizations from the Global South and North and integrates cutting edge research in the production of our resources and tools, largely through participatory methodologies. We work with diverse allies, organizing events on a wide range of topics to deepen feminist monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practices, to strengthen movements, and to facilitate strategic exchanges and learning between donors and women’s rights organizations. 


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