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New Resources

Oxfam's Quick Guides to Gender and Rights

How can you incorporate considerations about gender and rights into programme planning? Reading a Quick Guide could be a good start. These guides have been shared internally within Oxfam for some time, and are now available on our website as well. Topics include: Gender-sensitive indicators, women’s participation, gender analysis and the rights based approach.


Fact Sheet: Abortion in Burkina Faso

The data in this fact sheet are drawn from Bankole A et al.,. Grossesse non désirée et avortement provoqué au Burkina Faso: causes et conséquences, New York: Guttmacher Institute, 2013. Support for this fact sheet and the monograph on which it is based was provided by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.


Dalit Women Face Multiplied Discrimination

Maya Sarki, a resident of Belbari in eastern Nepal, was returning home one summer evening last year when she was attacked. She was forced down on the ground and her attacker attempted to rape her.


Human Rights Watch Report "No One is Safe: Abuses of Women in Iraq's Criminal Justice System"

Both men and women suffer from the severe flaws of the criminal justice system. But women suffer a double burden due to their second class status in Iraqi society. 


Voicing Demands Feminist Activism in Transitional Contexts

Voicing Demands is a collection of analytical narratives of what has happened to feminist voice, a key pathway to women’s empowerment. These narratives depart from the existing debate on women’s political engagement in formal institutions to examine feminist activism for building and sustaining constituencies through raising, negotiating and legitimizing women’s voice under different contexts.


Concept Paper: Different Practices of Sexual Violence against Women

Concept paper by Nazra for Feminist Studies. The different practices of sexual violence against women diversify in multiple contexts, some are associated with erroneous traditional and societal concepts; which are practiced in order to oppress women from different backgrounds and affiliations; and some are practiced under the pretense and guise of preserving peace and general security in specific institutions such as prisons and detention centers.


Gender, Conflict and Peace in Kashmir - Invisible Stakeholders

This book published by the Cambridge University Press India demonstrates that gender is a key component of conflict and peace discourse. The marginalization of women in conflict and peace is all pervasive. 


European Women’s Lobby launches video-clip “A she-(re) cession” - What does austerity mean for women in Europe?”

The European Women’s Lobby is pleased to announce its brand new animated video-clip to raise awareness on the effects austerity policies continue to have on women in Europe. 


Women's rights country by country - interactive

Which countries have laws preventing violence? Which legislate for gender equality? And which countries allow abortion? Using World Bank and UN data, offers a snapshot of women's rights across the globe. 



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