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Issues and Analysis

Surprise! Immigration Is A Woman’s Issue!

In the wake of the recent passing of the harsh anti-immigrant law in Arizona, Gloria Steinem, writer, feminist organizer and cofounder of the Women’s Media Center, and Pramila Jayapal, an immigrant herself, and founder and executive director of OneAmerica, a national organization that works for civil and human rights for immigrants, consider the unique impact of immigration on women.


Abortion and Human Rights: Will Brazil be the Next Nicaragua?

Brazilian women have seen important setbacks in regard to access to abortion in recent years.


Remembering Rhonda Copelon

FRIDAY FILE: Charlotte Bunch spoke with AWID to pay tribute to her longstanding and cherished colleague and friend, Rhonda Copelon.


Israeli Women's Prayers Hit Reactionary Wall

JERUSALEM (WOMENSENEWS)--Noa Raz, a young woman waiting to board a bus, was recently attacked by a man because her arm bore the imprints of tefillin straps, which Jewish men wrap around their arms during morning prayers.


A rose and a duck: labelling religious fundamentalisms

When it comes to religious fundamentalisms women's rights activists say Shakespeare was wrong: the way we name things does affect the way we engage with them. To address the phenomenon more effectively, it's better to use the duck test.


The brutal crackdowns only make Iran's women stronger

The protest movement is now a year old – but the feminists at its helm can look back on decades of courageous activism.


One year later, women at forefront of Iranian democracy movement

The struggle for human rights and gender equality continues in Iran as we mark the one-year anniversary of the protests against the rigged elections.


In Syria, the fight for women's rights means helping both genders

Bassam al-Kadi heads the Syrian Women's Observatory, which aims to change the way both the government and the culture regard women in Syria.


Why Are Hindu Honor Killings Rising in India?

For three weeks now, a morbid murder story has been playing out in the Indian media. Nirupama Pathak, 22, a New Delhi–based journalist, was allegedly murdered by her own mother. Her crime? She had wanted to marry a fellow journalist who belongs to a lower caste — and she was pregnant. On a trip home to make a final effort to convince her family, Nirupama texted her boyfriend that she was being held captive, locked up in a bathroom. On April 29, she was found dead. The family claimed Nirupama had killed herself, and lodged a case against her boyfriend for rape and abetting suicide. But when the postmortem results revealed Nirupama had been asphyxiated, the police arrested her mother, Sudha Pathak.


California's Sex Education Program: Ongoing Struggles Behind the Success Story

California’s sex education policies are the envy of most other states. California is alone in having never accepted Title V federal abstinence-only-until-marriage funds, and state laws require that sex education in schools and state-funded community programs be comprehensive and bias-free. California’s laws have served as models for other states and the federal Responsible Education About Life (REAL) Act legislation. Recently, the Guttmacher Institute praised California as being way out front in preventing unintended pregnancy among teens, in part because of the state’s embrace of comprehensive sex education.



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