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Issues and Analysis

Ireen Dubel on the results of the Millennium Development Goals for women

At the beginning of this millennium, UN Member States agreed to achieve significant results in terms of poverty, education, health and the environment by 2015. Ireen Dubel, ​​women's rights specialist at Hivos, gave her own progress report on Millennium Development Goal 3: Men and women have the same rights.


Who will condemn the sexual enslavement of Iraq’s minority women?

Slavery and rape are being used as weapons of war by Isis against Yazidi and Christian women, yet rights activists are silent


Religious minority women of Iraq: time to speak up

While the annihilation of religious minorities in Iraq is being systematically enacted, we cannot ignore how the intersection of religious affiliation, gender and geographic location are influencing both the nature of violence perpetrated and its outcomes. Feminists cannot remain silent on the atrocities perpetrated on minority women’s bodies in Iraq.


Solidarity with imprisoned activists, with or without Facebook

On the 23rd of June, I opened Facebook and found news that two friends had been arrested after participating in protests on the other side of the world. Natalie Lowrey is an Australian environmental activist who was arrested in Malaysia on 22 June during a peaceful action against Australian-owned Lynas Corporation’s rare earth plant in Malaysia. Yara Sallam is an Egyptian feminist activist who was arrested in Egypt on 21 Juneduring a peaceful demonstration against the country’s anti-protest law. These two women human rights defenders (WHRDs) and friends who I had met at different moments in my activist life were now in jail, and I was alarmed and worried.


Refugees Living a Nightmare in Northern Pakistan

Some fled on foot, others boarded trucks along with luggage, rations and cattle. Many were separated from families, or collapsed from exhaustion along the way. They don’t know where their next meal will come from, or how they will provide for their children.


New Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders Sets Out His Vision

Michel Forst was appointed UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders in June 2014. 


Azerbaijan Gets Tough In Bid To Silence Its Loudest Critic

Leyla Yunus is not one to keep quiet. In a video posted in April, the 58-year-old activist stands outside a Baku police station shouting as loudly as possible that she was detained for hours without being allowed to eat and only being allowed to use the restroom in the company of a male police officer.


The LGBT, feminist and student voices behind Uruguay's radical reforms

From legalising abortion to transsexual rights, marginalised groups have united to become a formidable force for change.


Women activists defy danger to protect the environment

Death threats forced award-winning Indonesian environmental activist Aleta Baun to leave her house for a year. Two of Berta Cáceres’ colleagues were murdered, and the Honduran indigenous leader has lost count of how many times she has been detained.


Patriarchy allows child marriage and female genital mutilation to flourish

Young feminists must help steer the fight against wider issues harming girls including poverty, marginalisation and exclusion



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