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Issues and Analysis

Hague's Broken Promises

By PeaceWomen Director Maria Butler. I sat in the glittery closing plenary of the Global Summit in London last week (June 10-13) , tired, saddened and outraged. I listened together with activists, governments and survivors, to the hallow words of the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague. He played to the crowd pleaser of participation, catching the interest of those who dedicated their lives to Women, Peace and Security, completely aware of the audience he would generate.


Syrian women refugees: Out of the shadows

Syrian women refugees cite rape, or the fear of rape, as one of the main reasons they fled. A coalition of grassroots women and international advocates has formed to integrate services and advocacy, enabling women refugees to participate in formulating the political future they want to see.


Peru: The dark future of La Oroya

Considered one of the most contaminated cities in the world, La Oroya depends on mining which has left serious consequences on the health of the population. 


Turkey: The Woman vs. The State

On the afternoon of July 9, 1998, a fatal explosion took place in the Spice Bazaar, one of the largest marketplaces in Istanbul. Minutes before, a sudden downpour had driven a crowd of shoppers to huddle at the heart of the explosion, a doner shop called Unluoglu Bufe at the entrance of the bazaar. The blast claimed seven lives and left 127 people injured. The Istanbul Police Department immediately launched a forensic investigation into the source of the explosion. The question on everyone’s lips was obvious: was this a terrorist attack?


Recognition of India’s third gender could boost Global Fund-supported programs for sexual minorities

The April 2014 ruling will require public facilities to accommodate transgender people, with provisions including separate hospital wards.


Young Sex Workers in Hong Kong Face Barriers to Sexual and Reproductive Health

Hong Kong is an affluent city with one of the biggest wealth gaps in the world. The focus on a knowledge-based economy hits young people who don’t meet academic requirements hard, resulting in serious youth unemployment. Meanwhile, the overly developed financial and property sectors have led to high costs of living and a situation in which people find it hard to cover expenses with their incomes.


UK summit on sexualized violence: ‘A time warp in the wrong direction’

By Jody Williams. I've spent this past week in London at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict hosted by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie. As the hosts noted, it was an historic gathering of ministers and other government representatives, UN officials, the ICRC, and civil society—including our Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict.


Is the World Bank getting more serious about gender inequality?

By Shawna Wakefield, Senior Gender Justice Lead at Oxfam

“The mission of the [World] Bank depends on moving towards gender equality’
- Jim Kim, Head of the World Bank, launch of Voice and Agency, Washington DC


Survivors of sexual violence call for governments to listen

As the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict starts in London, we hear the stories of three victims turned activists


Southern Africa: Disabled women claim their space at summit

Although gender equality has received more limelight in Southern Africa, the plight of women with disabilities poses challenges to the gains made. Women with disabilities make up a sizeable population in the world, with 65-70% of these women living in rural areas and are from low and middle income countries.



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