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Issues and Analysis

The LGBT, feminist and student voices behind Uruguay's radical reforms

From legalising abortion to transsexual rights, marginalised groups have united to become a formidable force for change.


Women activists defy danger to protect the environment

Death threats forced award-winning Indonesian environmental activist Aleta Baun to leave her house for a year. Two of Berta Cáceres’ colleagues were murdered, and the Honduran indigenous leader has lost count of how many times she has been detained.


Patriarchy allows child marriage and female genital mutilation to flourish

Young feminists must help steer the fight against wider issues harming girls including poverty, marginalisation and exclusion


Myths about People with Disabilities and Sexuality should not be used to support Legalization of Prostitution

Since the Supreme Court of Canada ruling in the Bedford case struck down some of Canada’s prostitution laws on December 20, 2013, various assertions have been made in favour of the complete decriminalization of prostitution.


We cannot give a woman a cow and expect her to change the world

Gender equality is not straightforward. Let's look beyond targets and tick-boxes, and explore the complexity of women's lives.


Empowering DR Congo’s Sexual Violence Survivors by Enforcing Reparations

Before a sexual violence survivor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has her day in court, she must surmount many obstacles. Poor or nonexistent roads and costly transportation may prevent her from going to a police station to report the crime, or to a hospital to receive treatment for the injuries sustained during the violence.


Turkey's female mayors pledge to prioritize women's issues

When Berivan Kilic strolls through her local market, her neighbors — women especially — flock to her. She holds an elderly woman’s creased hands as they exchange greetings. Her gentle smile exudes compassion.


Nigerians seethe at the government’s failure to rescue abducted schoolgirls

Goodluck Jonathan’s response to the Boko Haram crisis has been to hire an American PR firm. Nigerians abroad and at home are shaking their heads in disbelief


One Step Forward, One Step Back: The Fight for Transgender Rights in Latin America

Recently, the highest court in Italy allowed a couple to remain legally married after one had sex reassignment surgery. In a surreal twist, the Catholic Church recognizes the couple as still married also, because it does not recognize gender reassignment. While it is hard to call this confluence the best of all possible worlds, it might be for now. The rights and freedoms of transgendered persons in other parts of the world, such as Latin America, are decidedly less clear.


HIV: a call for solidarity with the transgender community

With the prevalence of HIV 50 times higher than that of the general population, societal acceptance and family support are crucial to the emotional wellbeing and health outcomes of LGBT people. Cecilia Chung tells her own story and calls for transgender sisterhood at the AIDS 2014 Conference



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