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Issues and Analysis

Indigenous women unite at UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

I met Alma Brooks a year ago at the Wabanaki water convergence ceremony in New Brunswick. Alma, a Maliseet grandmother from St Mary’s, NB, is on the frontlines against fracking in her community. A powerful voice, she said: “We have to bring these issues to the UN.  I want the world to know who we are as Maliseet people, the people of the beautiful river, and the struggle for our water and our land.”


Calling out Corruption and Misogyny by Unifying the People

Oppression, especially when undercover and covert, is often perpetuated in the very places where promises are made to eradicate this social ill: in the halls of government, from the mouths of elected or appointed officials, and in the content of public policy, for example. In Saudi Arabia, women are denied basic rights through customary law, such as the right to drive, a practice that openly designates them as second-class citizens. As the world discovered in April, in Nigeria, young girls are abducted without swift or effective government action.


New prostitution laws, same old harms to sex workers

After months of anticipation, the federal government of Canada announced Wednesday that it intends to introduce a new set of adult sex work laws. In a short press conference, Justice Minister Peter MacKay stated, “There will always be an inherent danger in this degrading activity.” Among other things, the new Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act criminalizes the purchase of sexual services, along with benefiting from another person’s work. It also criminalizes advertising sexual services online and communicating for the purpose of selling sexual services in public places, or in any other places where young people can reasonably be expected to be present.


Hopes and fears: Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

Ahead of tomorrow's Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, Sanam Naraghi Anderlini questions the presence of government officials from countries with dubious track records, and says ministers should take the advice of women who are most at risk and already working at the frontlines to end all sexual violence.


What We Owe Nigeria's Kidnapped Schoolgirls

People worldwide are calling for action to bring back the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria. But concern for the girls demands that we think carefully about the harmful consequences of proposed solutions – especially those calling for US military intervention.


Women make their voices heard in Ukraine

Women in Ukraine have been fighting for equality for years behind closed doors in small, cramped offices.. So when the Ukrainian revolution took to the streets, it was no surprise that it featured tens of thousands of women.


A year after the protests, Gezi Park nurtures the seeds of a new Turkey

The unrest that shook Istanbul began in anger over the loss of green space but became the catalyst for a wider awareness


An Alert: Capital is Intersectional; Radicalizing Piketty’s Inequality

When civil rights activists speak about race they are told they need to think about class as well. When anti-racist feminists focus on the problems of gendered racism they are also told to include class.  So—I will continue this discussion with: when formulating class inequality one should have race and gender in view as well.


We want to be actors in our own futures with full rights

Tarcila Rivera Zea was 44 years old when she took part in the World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. Today, this indigenous Peruvian activist is President of the Centre for Indigenous Cultures of Peru (CHIRAPAQ) and a member of the UN Women Civil Society Advisory Group.


Mozambique's Criminal Code Fails Survivors

In the last two decades, thanks to the work of civil society -- and women's organizations in particular -- ending impunity for sexual violence is now on the international agenda.



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