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Issues and Analysis

Beware of the Middle East's Fake Feminists

Middle Eastern dictators love to use their "enlightened" treatment of women to justify their rule. They shouldn't get away with it.


Why Keeping Girls in School Can Help South Sudan

As a result of decades of civil war, many adults and children in South Sudan did not go to school. Government statistics for 2011 show that only 39 percent of primary school students and 30 percent of secondary students are female.


Women, Peace and Security: What’s in a number? Resolutions and action in the last 100 days

If women, peace and security is part of your working life or institution’s accountability then the numbers 1325, 1820, 1888, 1889, 1960, 2106 and 2117 are really important and meaningful to you. But let’s be honest – most people have no idea what’s behind these numbers and why they matter at all.


New film debut shows secret tragedy of ‘honour’ based violence

The Honour Based Violence Awareness Network says today the UNFPA – United Nations Population Fund statistics estimates that 5,000 “so-called honour” killings are committed around the world every year. 


¡Todo el Pueblo al Sueno! Until Every One of Us is Free: Reclaiming Feminism at the Grassroots

Told and retold so many times over the years, our story has become very simple: mainstream white feminism never made space for the perspectives, agendas, and leadership of Black, Latina, Asian, Indigenous, working class, and poor feminists. 


Woman filmmaker shares story as she works to stop honour violence worldwide

In a personal and insight-filled essay filmmaker, human rights advocate and music celebrity Deeyah outlines the personal journey she has taken to bring the story of one special woman, Banaz, who’s voice was never heard as she was brutally cut down by family violence, in so-called “honour violence.”


100 years later Armenian women continue to be haunted by genocide

In a searing, impact-filled letter written to Swiss Armenian woman filmmaker Suzanne Khardalian, human rights activist Odette Bazil reached out to reveal her insights to the hidden depth and true story of countless Armenian women who faced atrocity during  years of cultural genocide.


Are homeless women without children in the U.S. last to get assistance?

With a current population of 812,826 people, the west coast U.S. City of San Francisco, California is a beautiful seaside region, but the city is plagued with a grinding problem that also reaches across the country into every urban area – the problem of homelessness. 


Africa Climate Change Threatens Life and Health of Maasai Women

The Maasai are struggling with frequent water shortages which are threatening their way of life. But one women’s group is taking action.


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Advocacy for women under domestic violence must work from ‘ground up’

(WNN/PI) Santa Domingo, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: With Dominican Republic’s national legislation against violence in place, as well as the international laws on human rights, it is clear that the duty to exercise due diligence to prevent, prosecute and punish violence against women should exist.



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