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Issues and Analysis

Special Report – In Irish schools, Catholic Church remains master

Roisin Hyde was five when she was hastily baptised a few days before she started primary school.


The conflict in Kyrgyzstan – complex and gendered

FRIDAY FILE: Kyrgyzstan – a country in Central Asia – has been wracked recently by an outbreak of violence by some Kyrgyz there against ethnic Uzbeks. AWID analyses the events from a gender perspective.


The Coup in Honduras and its Aftermath: Women’s Lives – One Year Later

FRIDAY FILE: Honduran activist Gilda Rivera from the Centro de Derechos de Mujeres (Women's Rights Center) and the coalición Feministas en Resistencia (Coalition of Women Resisting) discusses how the June 2009 coup d’etat and subsequent violence and repression in Honduras has impacted women’s lives and struggles for democracy.


How Women are Being Impacted by the Crisis: 10 Things You Should Know

FRIDAY FILE: In 2010, Influencing Development Actors and Practices for Women's Rights (IDeA), a strategic initiative of AWID, has been conducting regional analyses of the impact of the global systemic global crisis on women. Here are 10 things you should know about how women are being impacted by the crisis across regions.


Justifiable protection or entrenching patriarchy? Pornography and the internet in South Africa

A draft Bill proposing a ban on sexual content on the internet and cellphones submitted to the South African Department of Home Affairs in May 2010 claims to have the best interests of women and children in mind. 


Mexico's Distressed-Migrant Visas Reach Few Women

Central American female migrants seeking a better life in the United States risk huge dangers as they pass through Mexico. Human rights researchers say their chances of getting a humanitarian visa for what they suffer are almost non-existent.


Politics vs Delivery: The G8’s Maternal Health Agenda

G20 countries are asking why rich nations should continue to direct the form and substance of development programmes when many health innovations now originate in the developing world.


Activism, Africa, Mobile Phones and Women

FRIDAY FILE: SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa is a book that interrogates the use of mobile phone telephony for activism in Africa. Do African women utilize this technology for women’s rights advocacy? In an interview with AWID the book’s editor Sokari Ekine gave her perspective.


G20 Summit – What does it mean for women in Africa?

The latest G20 summit was held on 2 April 2009 where 20 of the world’s strongest trade countries came together to discuss global matters of trade and finance.


In Pakistan, Islamic schools for women thrive

Islamabad (AP) -- To its detractors, the Al-Huda chain of Islamic schools across Pakistan is a driver of conservative Islam, especially among the secular elite.



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