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Issues and Analysis

Women’s Rights in 2009: Some Steps Back, Some Steps Forward

2009 was a year of losses and gains for women’s rights. Campaigns for gender equality experienced some setbacks in certain parts of the world – or on a given issue - and gains in others.


"My plight is not unique"

Miranda Alison, Debra Bergoffen, Pascale Bos, Louise du Toit, Regina Mühlhäuser, Gaby Zipfel

What conceptions of gender underlie military policy towards sexual violence? Is the specific form the violence takes determined by the type of warfare? To what extent is sexual violence in wartime different to that in peacetime? And what does a closer examination of homosexual violence add to our understanding? A roundtable discussion organized by the Hamburg Institute of Social Research.


Fugitives in Their Own Country

Every morning Pepe Julian Onziema wakes up not knowing if she will live to see another rising sun. Onziema is transgender and she lives in fear for her life because of a national campaign against gay people.


Peru: Victims of Military Rapists Wait for Justice 25 Years On

"I want justice. That will be a kind of peace," says Micaela, a 40-year-old woman from the Andean region of Peru who is a survivor of the sexual violence prevalent during the 1980-2000 civil war. Twenty-five years ago, soldiers assaulted her at a military base and in her own home.


NGLS Interviews Norah Matovu-Winyi, Executive Director, African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)

Questions for Norah Matovu-Winyi, Executive Director, African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)


Call to Free Ethiopian Activist Birtukan Midekssa

The Global Fund for Women seeks to draw attention to the unlawful detention of political prisoner Birtukan Midekssa in Ethiopia, who has been jailed by government authorities for the past year. Birtukan Midekssa is a lawyer by profession and rose to the rank of a judge in the High Court prior to leaving her legal profession.


Copenhagen: Did it do anything for Women?

The United Nations Conference on Climate Change was held Copenhagen in December 2009. There were high hopes that the Conference would make substantial strides towards slowing and ultimately stopping climate change caused by human beings, eventually alleviating its effects. The outcome was discouraging, but does it signify the complete loss of hope?


Groundbreaking Study Finds that Many Victims of Partner Violence Experience Reproductive Coercion

Under-Recognized Form of Domestic, Dating Abuse Puts Women at Risk for Unintended Pregnancies


Gender Issues Must Move to Heart of Davos Agenda

By Roxanne Mankin Cason

A gender-mindful approach should fuel the discourse and agenda at the World Economic Forum, which starts today in Davos, Switzerland, says Roxanne Mankin Cason. This change is possible, as there are people at the forum qualified to lead a new conversation.


Q&A: "U.S. Should Invest in New U.N. Women's Agency"

Christine Ahn interviews CHARLOTTE BUNCH, Founder of the Center for Global Women's Leadership



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