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Issues and Analysis

Second Focus on Family Ad Airing During SuperBowl Pregame Show

Apparently one SuperBowl ad wasn't enough. Focus on the Family actually bought air time for two ads, with the second ad to air multiple times during the pregame show.


Women Fight Polygamy Proposal

Iranian women’s groups and other rights organisations are fighting a much discussed proposed law which they say would encourage polygamy by allowing a man to take a second wife without the permission of the first in certain circumstances.


Iran: URGENT call to authorities to stop imminent executions

Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) International Solidarity network has issued the following urgent solidarity alert:


A State of Isolation

This 57-page report details how women struggle to overcome the financial, logistical, physical, and emotional burdens imposed by restrictive laws and policies that force them to seek care abroad, without support from the state. Every year thousands of women and girls travel from Ireland to other European countries for abortions.


Women and Sports

Sports is masculinised - particularly in the mainstream media but in other spaces as well. What women's rights concerns does this prevalent state of affairs raise?


Money in her hands: Funding survivors of HIV/AIDS, violence against women and conflict

What if funding was given directly to women survivors of HIV/AIDS, violence against women and conflict? A two year project undertaken by Isis-WICCE and the Urgent Action Fund-Africa seeks to answer this question.


Women’s Rights in 2009: Some Steps Back, Some Steps Forward

2009 was a year of losses and gains for women’s rights. Campaigns for gender equality experienced some setbacks in certain parts of the world – or on a given issue - and gains in others.


"My plight is not unique"

Miranda Alison, Debra Bergoffen, Pascale Bos, Louise du Toit, Regina Mühlhäuser, Gaby Zipfel

What conceptions of gender underlie military policy towards sexual violence? Is the specific form the violence takes determined by the type of warfare? To what extent is sexual violence in wartime different to that in peacetime? And what does a closer examination of homosexual violence add to our understanding? A roundtable discussion organized by the Hamburg Institute of Social Research.


Fugitives in Their Own Country

Every morning Pepe Julian Onziema wakes up not knowing if she will live to see another rising sun. Onziema is transgender and she lives in fear for her life because of a national campaign against gay people.


Peru: Victims of Military Rapists Wait for Justice 25 Years On

"I want justice. That will be a kind of peace," says Micaela, a 40-year-old woman from the Andean region of Peru who is a survivor of the sexual violence prevalent during the 1980-2000 civil war. Twenty-five years ago, soldiers assaulted her at a military base and in her own home.



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