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Issues and Analysis

The Politics of UN Human Rights Council and Iran's Candidacy

The Islamic Republic of Iran, in a provocative act, has announced its candidacy for the United Nation Human Rights Council, a UN organization based in Geneva. The candidacy of Iran comes at a time that during the last 10 months, Iranians are experiencing one of the darkest periods of human rights violations since 1979 revolution.


The religious lobby and women’s rights

None of the main political party manifestos tackle the encroachment of religion on our society. As more and more public spaces are devoured by religious interests creating particular problems for women, Rahila Gupta argues that it is time to end state funding of religion and faith based organisations as service providers.


Globalizing Rights, Hope and Struggle: The World March of Women

FRIDAY FILE: An interview with Wilhelmina Trout of the World March of Women, a movement formed to put an end to social, political and economic injustice against women.


Beijing +15

Follow the discussions and debates that took place at Beijing + 15 with AWID and partners' daily coverage!


Gender justice and the ICC: turning a miracle into reality

Ahead of the first global review meeting of the Rome Statue and International Criminal Court, women from around the world are meeting in Mexico next week to develop a clear global agenda for advancing gender justice through advocacy and engagement with the International Criminal Court.


Vatican Cardinal links homosexuality with pedophilia and abuse scandal

The Vatican’s second-in-command says the pedophilia scandal rocking the Roman Catholic Church can be blamed mainly on homosexuals in the priesthood, remarks that have outraged gay rights groups and rekindled criticism over the Church’s history with homosexuality.


Homophobia, Africa and Evangelical Neocolonialism

In her urgent call to action concerning “the wind of state homophobia [that] has swept over the African continent”—particularly its most “draconian” manifestation in Uganda’s anti-homophobia Bill—Cesnabmihilo Aken’ova remarks, “One cannot but wonder where the new bill is coming from.”


Five years after the Spectrum disaster, why are Bangladeshi workers still at risk?

April 11 marks the fifth anniversary of the collapse of the Spectrum/Shahriyar Sweater factory in Bangladesh, which killed 64 workers and injured 80, 54 of them seriously. The collapse focused global attention on the chronic safety problems in the Bangladesh garment industry.


Bolivia’s indigenous women continue struggle for land

Sara Shahriari

Sandra Fernandez is a Quechua Indian from Cochabamba, Bolivia. Her grandparents raised corn and flowers, but like many other families here, the family grew and the land didn’t suffice to support them all. Fernandez is 40, a single mother of four; she has left her children behind and come to Bolivia’s jungle frontier in search of land.


Who Is Roza Otunbaeva?

By Antoine Blua

Kyrgyz opposition leader Roza Otunbaeva has said she is now the head of a temporary caretaker government, after the opposition said it had taken power following violent protests in Bishkek.



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