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Issues and Analysis

Law creates women's fund to purchase land in Nicaragua: Rural Women celebrate their victory

Grassroots women leaders from Cooperative of Women's Rural Producers Las Brumas, member of the Huairou Commission and GROOTS International, celebrate with much joy one of their many victories on their work to empower women in their country.


Japan sinks (even) lower on gender discrimination report

The gender gap yawns wide, despite Japan's female astronaut and new antidiscrimination laws. The World Economic Forum recently downgraded Japan three spots to 101st place on its latest gender discrimination report.


Forced sterilisation: a western issue too

Women's right to motherhood – under attack in America as well as China – is a neglected side of the reproductive justice issue


Danger and Determination in Papua New Guinea

FRIDAY FILE: Women in Papua New Guinea’s Simbu province are fighting to end endemic violence and invoking human rights to bring instigators to justice.


Caroline Sagesser: This surreal legislation will just divide the people further

Belgium is known as the home of surrealism and it is certainly living up to its reputation. The proposal to ban the wearing of any kind of "full veil" in public approved by the House of Representatives should now in theory go to the Senate. But Belgium does not have a government at the moment so the procedure will begin again after elections next month.


Planned Rally Could Inflame Intolerance Against Ugandan LGBTI Community

On May 2, The Call, a U.S. evangelical ministry led by Lou Engle, together with its Ugandan affiliate, will host a religious gathering at a stadium in Uganda's capital Kampala. Among other things, the event aims to rally participants around anti-gay sentiments by urging them to "fight vices eating away at our society", and specifically mentions homosexuality as a societal evil.


Canada's abortion stance worries world aid groups

Oda’s reassurances that policy of refusing to fund procedures applies only to G8 initiative fails to reassure. International aid organizations are raising fears that a landmark effort to reduce childbirth and infant deaths in poor countries could get bogged down by abortion politics in Canada.


Control and Coercion: The Threats to Abortion Rights in Mexico

Sometimes the struggle for the reproductive justice and the dignity and freedom of women and girls takes on especially compelling and tragic dimensions. This is one of them.


Jessica Yee: Unleashing Youth Voice and Agency

FRIDAY FILE: The list of descriptors for 24-year old Jessica Yee is long but fitting: Two Spirit, Indigenous, hip-hop feminist and reproductive justice freedom fighter from the Mohawk nation with roots in the Canada-U.S. border region and residence in both countries. She speaks with AWID about sexual and reproductive justice for Native and aboriginal youth.


Iran, Gender Discrimination, and the UN's Women's Commission

The Iranian regime must have a real sense of humor. In a year when their human rights abuses reached ever lower depths with an exponential rise in political prisoners, prison rapes, torture and executions, the regime tried to get a prime spot on the UN Human Rights Council. Their bid failed. But the jokers had another trick up their sleeves.



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