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Issues and Analysis

Women talk sharia law in film

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation, is well-known for its moderate brand of Islam. Islamist hard-liners rarely gain sympathy or support from the majority of Indonesian Muslims. However, in recent years, as a result of a policy to decentralize power in the nation, more than half of Indonesia’s provinces have enacted sharia-based laws


Belgium’s burqa ban opens a racial pandora’s box

BRUSSELS—For its backers, Belgium’s proposed ban on full-faced coverings is a bold step for public security and women’s rights, one they say would liberate Muslims from the “walking prison” of their burqas.


Activists slam CIJD’s personal status draft law

AMMAN - Women activists on Tuesday criticised a new version of the personal status draft law prepared by the Chief Islamic Justice Department (CIJD), describing it as a step backward for women in Jordan.


Anti-Hyde Pushback Sparked by Health Care Battle

USA- Low-income women's advocates have been trying to repeal the Hyde Amendment for years. Now they have more support, as health reform threatens to extend Medicaid-style abortion restrictions to all U.S. women.


The Right to Have Rights: Resisting Fundamentalist Orders

FRIDAY FILE: While fundamentalist movements may vary according to the global context in which they operate, for women this diversity is outweighed by the core characteristics, strategies and impacts that they share.


Gender Equality Indices: Numbers Don’t Lie, and They Also Don’t Tell the Whole Story

FRIDAY FILE: Each year various statistical indicators assess whether gender equality is indeed progressing. These numbers remind us of some powerful circumstances women face, but they also raise questions at the heart of why rights differ on paper and in reality.


Catholics Call on Pope Benedict to Reconsider Vatican's Ban on Contraceptive Pill

Fifty years ago this week, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the contraceptive pill. The man most prominently associated with the development and introduction of the pill, John Rock, was an Irish Catholic doctor from Boston. Dr. Rock didn't set out to make waves with the Vatican; in fact, he was sure that his invention would gain approval from the Vatican and finally allow Catholics to practice safe and effective family planning. He was successful on both counts.


Some profit from wives despite French polygamy ban

PARIS — The burqa, or face-covering veil, is getting all the attention in the debate over Muslim immigrants in France. But another controversial tradition among some immigrants is less noticed and far more widespread: Polygamy.


Tories accused of culture of intimidation

OTTAWA—Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been accused of systematically undermining women in this country by stripping their advocacy groups of tens of millions of dollars and targeting those critical of his government’s anti-abortion stance on the world stage.


Yemeni Child Brides Start Revolution Against Forced Marriage

Right now, Yemen is dealing with a really scary problem: hoards of pissed off teen and pre-teen girls. And no, it isn't because Justin Bieber canceled his Middle East tour. These young women are serious about demanding divorces from their forced marriages. What began with one 10-year-old bride's brave trek to the courthouse to get a judge to release her from a marriage has turned into a cultural revolution. And it's proving the power of girls to demand justice for themselves.



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