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Day Two

Break out sessions from Day two

Lessons from a first generation women’s movement – What has sustained the world YWCA?

This session brings together about 50 dynamic women, from every range of ages, from 19 to 65 years.


Igniting Fragmented Feminist Energies in South Africa: Building Coalitions and Multi-Generational Movements

This session highlighted the generational issues facing women activists in South Africa.


The struggle for Housing in South Africa and Canada: Documenting resistance

Problem of housing, homeless people and poverty were discussed from the gender prospective.


Is the internet feminist? Feminist practices of technology re-shaping women’s movements

The session aimed at exploring the question if internet and new communication technologies can help in the fight against violence against women.


Bridging a continental divide: Women living positively across Africa reach out to advocate for change

It is important that we understand that when women come from the grassroots and represent their country, constituency, village, they come with a message from many voices.


The movement and the Middle East: Young Arab women and the Future of the Women's Rights movement in the Arab world

The session began with an introductory exercise, where participants had to position themselves in a line according to the number of years they have been involved in the movement.


How to build stronger movements through networking : The experience of transnational feminist networks

In November 2008 over 1,900 women’s rights activists from 144 countries came together in Cape Town, South Africa to discuss The Power of Movements at the AWID Forum.The session was held during the Forum.



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