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Keyword: Forum 2008

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Challenges and tensions in building the feminist movement within the current context of globalisation Article
Collective Action to Recognise and Further the Rights of All Women, Including Women with Disabilities Article
Between Accra and Doha: Let’s reflect on our own advocacy and mobilizing actions Article
Building a diverse, inclusive movement to break new ground: The Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR) Article
Addressing Legal Discrimination and Promoting Equality of Women in Iran: The Case of the One Million Signatures Campaign Article
Feminist and Social movement building in the European Context Article
Resist, Challenge, Inspire: Confronting fundamentalisms around the world Article
Afro-Ecuadorian and indigenous women in an international dialogue for an intercultural and intergenerational movement Article
Resource mobilization strategies: The experiences of women's NGOs in French-speaking Africa Article
Gender-based Violence: Establishing And Sustaining Effective Movements in the Eastern Cape Province Article
Leading Our Future: Organizational Strategies for Women's Leadership Development Article
Overcoming the Challenges of Movement-Building in Contexts of Crisis and Transition: Angola, DRC, Swaziland and Zimbabwe Article
Techies to Politicos Article
Disability, Violence and Coalition: Seeing the Gaps and Joining Forces to Act Article
Building the Southern African movement for the sexual rights of girls and women based on strategies and experiences from Namibia and Zimbabwe Article
Our Rights are Not Optional! Working with the Optional Protocol to CEDAW Article
What's the Point of Revolution if We Can't Dance? Article
Karama Movement in the Arab World: Ending Violence on Our Own Terms Article
Measuring the Collective Impact of a Movement: A Case Study by the Women's Funding Network Article
Sound Workshop: Developing Performance Skills, Sharing Musical Genres, and Networking and Communicating in the International Language of Music Article