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The AWID International Forum

About this Initiative

1 in 9 March

The 1 in 9 March against violence against women was one of the highlights of the 2008 Forum

The International Forum on Women's Rights and Development is the largest recurring event of its kind, bringing together women's rights leaders, donor agencies, development practitioners, grassroots leaders and activists from around the world. Held every three to four years, the Forum gives participants an opportunity to network, build alliances, celebrate, and learn in a highly charged atmosphere that fosters deep discussions and sustained personal and professional growth.

For AWID, the Forum responds to the urgency to promote stronger and more coordinated engagement and action by women’s rights advocates, organizations and movements. We also believe that the Forum has the potential to set agendas for women’s rights movements and organizations on key issues, identifying concrete initiatives they can engage with.

Forum 08 in Review

  • Report on AWID’s 2008 Forum, “The Power of Movements”
  • The one-year Evaluation of AWID's 2008 Forum
  • SID Development Journal
  • The FTX (Feminist Tech Exchange) at the Forum
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Most Popular Breakout Sessions
  • Young Feminist Activism
  • Seed Grants
  • In their Own Words
  • Forum Donors
  • Image Gallery
  • Poems and Personal Testimonies


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