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Women's Rights in the News

News items on women's rights from around the world

Canada - Civil liberties Group Supports Polygamy in Landmark Court Case

Canada's ban on polygamy invites the state into the bedrooms of consenting adults, says a B.C. civil rights group that is siding with a controversial religious sect in a landmark court case on the federal law barring multiple marriage.


New HRW Report on women in Chechnya: You Dress According to Their Rules

Women Attacked, Intimidated as Moscow Officials Look the Other Way.


Moldovan Rights Defender Condemns Visit By U.S. Antigay Activist

A Moldovan human rights defender has condemned a recent visit to Chisinau by a leading American antigay activist and his statements against the homosexual community, RFE/RL's Moldovan Service reports.


Iran: List of imprisoned Iranian women exposes extent of discrimination

Iranian women are exposed to a variety of discriminations with charges ranging from gender-related and ethnic issues over religious and political beliefs to the defense of their own rights and those of underprivileged groups within the Islamic Republic of Iran. On the occasion of the 100th International Women’s Day we publish a list of imprisoned Iranian women to expose the extent of this discrimination.


Top 10 Wins for Women's Movements

Global Fund for Women (GFW) celebrates victories won by Women's Movements for International Women's Day


Egyptian million woman march ends with a gunshot

A women's march organized by activists is disrupted by violent thugs


YEMEN: Severe assault of human rights journalist Ms Samia Alagbry

On 13 February 2011, human rights journalist Ms Samia Alagbry was reportedly subjected to an abduction attempt and physical assault while participating in a demonstration in Sana'a. Samia Alagbry was the secretary of the Rights and Freedoms Committee of the Journalists' Syndicate, and regularly documents and reports human rights violations in Yemen, particularly against journalists.


Afghan women's 'lives at risk'

Government's plan to take over the running of women's shelters prompts criticism from rights groups.


Afghan government’s takeover of women’s shelters adds insult to injury

The recent move by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) to take control of women’s shelters is deeply worrying. I have spoken to NGO workers who run these shelters, and they have been outraged by the new legislation.


Afghan Women Call for the Repeal of Shelter Regulation

“If our government is serious about ending the misuse of women’s rights, they have to stop the continuous sexual abuse of women in female prisons throughout Afghanistan. If we women had any confidence in the ability of the government to protect us I would have not come to this women’s shelter but would have gone to them in the first place. Instead, I was made to sit in a police station for half an hour and was accused of every possible crime by the police after I escaped home.” - Halima , a 35 year old woman who escaped a husband who had sold her to three men after he lost a gambling game.



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