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Women's Rights in the News

News items on women's rights from around the world

Afghan women's 'lives at risk'

Government's plan to take over the running of women's shelters prompts criticism from rights groups.


Afghan government’s takeover of women’s shelters adds insult to injury

The recent move by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) to take control of women’s shelters is deeply worrying. I have spoken to NGO workers who run these shelters, and they have been outraged by the new legislation.


Afghan Women Call for the Repeal of Shelter Regulation

“If our government is serious about ending the misuse of women’s rights, they have to stop the continuous sexual abuse of women in female prisons throughout Afghanistan. If we women had any confidence in the ability of the government to protect us I would have not come to this women’s shelter but would have gone to them in the first place. Instead, I was made to sit in a police station for half an hour and was accused of every possible crime by the police after I escaped home.” - Halima , a 35 year old woman who escaped a husband who had sold her to three men after he lost a gambling game.


An Indecent Piety

Few things are more vulgar or indecent than violence masked as piety.


WISE Stands in Solidarity with People of Egypt

The Shura Council of the Women's Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality, WISE, a global advisory board of Muslim woman scholars, specialists, and activists, supports the massive movement for freedom, equality, justice, and democracy in Egypt initiated by the country's youth and joined by people of all ages and walks of life.


Russian Church official urges 'national dress code'

A controversial Russian Orthodox Churchofficial has rebuked Russians for wearing skimpy clothes and proposed a"national dress code".


Statement of solidarity with the people of Tunisia and Egypt

Revolutionary greetings to the courageous people of Tunisia and Egypt to our sisters, brothers and co-fighters in these countries; we are in full solidarity with you. We harbor great hope and admiration of your bravery in ousting two of long-term dictators in the region, whose overthrow was long overdue.


Third gender gets a place in census 2011

AHMEDABAD: The form for census 2011 has a room for the third gender as it asks the person to specify whether the respondent is a male, female or falls in the 'other' category. The census operations are to be undertaken between February 9 and 28.


Gay activist conference in Minneapolis has faith focus

Whenever Nicole Garcia visited gay-friendly churches with large numbers of Hispanic people in the congregation, she would check the brochures and other materials geared toward gay churchgoers and their families and usually find a common theme.


Anti-gay attacks will lead to rise in HIV cases, warns Christian Aid

The increasingly targeted attacks on gay people in a number of African countries, which are thought to have led to the murder this week of outspoken Ugandan gay activist, David Kato, will contribute to an increase in HIV infections, says Christian Aid.



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