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Women's Rights in the News

News items on women's rights from around the world

Côte d’Ivoire: Activists in hiding after wave of homophobic attacks

Authorities in Côte d’Ivoire must urgently investigate the unprecedented wave of homophobic attacks in Abidjan, which has forced many HIV workers to go into hiding, Amnesty International said.


New Afghanistan law to silence victims of violence against women

Small change to criminal code has huge consequences in country where 'honour' killings and forced marriage are rife


Little progress on girls' education in developing countries - report

One out of four young people in poor countries - and one of three young women in South and West Asia - are unable to read all or even part of a sentence, according to a new report, which estimates 175 million youths in developing countries are illiterate.


Kenya’s Journey Towards Zero New HIV Infections Falters

In early January 2008, during the violence that rocked Kenya after disputed general elections, a man knocked at Lucia Wakonyo’s gate at Mathare Valley, in the sprawling Mathare slum.  


Religious Groups Take A Stand For Reproductive Rights: ‘It’s Time To Change The Conversation’

On Wednesday, several religious leaders are launching a new campaign to reorient the conversation around religion and sexuality. Specifically, the coalition of faith groups is interested in speaking up in favor of abortion rights, contraception access, and comprehensive sex ed. They’re encouraging their fellow religious Americans to join them.


Cyber Bullies Target Kenya’s Women

For a seasoned politician like Kenya’s Rachael Shebesh, few things hold her back from rallying for women’s rights. But when it comes to furthering her platform on social media – it is the one thing that this Nairobi County women’s representative avoids. 


HRW: Women's rights declining in Afghanistan

Human Rights Watch report says women's rights in Afghanistan declined during 2013 as the world loses interest in the country.


Women Lead to Peace: Q & A on the Prospects for Peace and Women's Human Rights in Syria

For nearly three years, we have been watching Syria—first with hope and then with a growing sense of horror—as peaceful calls for freedom degenerated into a protracted war.


While immediate humanitarian needs must be met, rights group urges inclusive representation and resource equity as lasting solutions to South Sudan’s ethnic tensions

As warring parties discuss reconciliation to end the fighting in South Sudan that has displaced an estimated 230,000 people and claimed at least a thousand lives, Minority Rights Group International (MRG) is urging all sides to ensure access for aid agencies to affected communities.



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