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Women's Rights in the News

News items on women's rights from around the world

UN Security Council Addresses Sexual & Reproductive Rights for Girls & Women Raped in War

The United Nations Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 2106 addressing sexual violence in armed conflict during a debate led by the United Kingdom.


USA: A Victory for Free Speech from the Supreme Court

Yesterday, in an important First Amendment decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the government may not require federal grant recipients to endorse the government's policy positions.


Jordan: Coalition Reaffirms Goal to Ensure Women Can Pass on Nationality to Children

Women's rights activists on Saturday reaffirmed their goal to “remove all gender discrimination from the Constitution” during a conference held by the "My nationality is my family's right” coalition.


Islamic states frown on Islam-opposing paragraphs of UNHCR violence against women resolution

Islamic member states of the United Nations Council for Human Rights (UNHCR) rejected on Friday paragraphs violating the Islamic law in the council's resolution on the elimination of all forms of violence against women, noting that the member states must make sure that their laws and national policies are consistent with the rejected demands.


Supreme Court Rules Human Genes May Not Be Patented

Isolated human genes may not be patented, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Thursday. The case concerned patents held by Myriad Genetics, a Utah company, on genes that correlate with increased risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.


Seimas voted in favour of the abortion ban bill

The Seimas of Lithuania on Tuesday gave its initial backing to a proposed abortion ban bill after 46 MPs voted in favour, 19 were against and 25 abstained.


Human Rights Council discusses causes of violence and discrimination against women

The Council has held a series of discussions on women’s rights over the course of the past week. In the interactive dialogue with the Working Group on discrimination against women in law and practice, States considered challenges to women’s representation in decision-making positions, including during periods of political transition. 


C-section OK for pregnant woman in El Salvador

El Salvador's government gave permission Thursday for doctors to perform a premature delivery for a seriously ill woman whose pregnancy attorneys say is putting her life at risk.


Nigeria lawmakers pass bill banning gay marriage, setting prison sentences of up to 14 years

Nigeria’s House of Representatives voted Thursday to ban gay marriage and outlaw any groups actively supporting gay rights, endorsing a measure that also calls for 10-year prison sentences for any “public show” of affection by a same-sex couple.


Salvadoran Supreme Court Denies Beatriz Her Right to Life

In a stunning decision made worse by the length of time it took to be handed down, the Supreme Court of El Salvador gave a young woman a death sentence on Wednesday by denying “permission” for an abortion needed to save her life.



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