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New Resources

Launch of the Activists’ Guide To Archiving Video

Human rights defenders from India to Illinois have told us archiving is one of their biggest challenges. So, today we’re launching the Activists’ Guide To Archiving Video to help them.


Can We See the Baby Bump Please?

A film on commercial surrogacy in India produced by Sama – Resource Group for Women and Health, that explores questions and concerns through the experiences of surrogate women.


Birthing a Market

The study analyses the perspectives of various actors, surrogates, agents, doctors and commissioning parent, involved in the industry and the arrangements to establish the position of the surrogate in the arrangement as well as the logics driving the industry.


Abortion is not a crime

Ipas is pleased to share Abortion is not a crime, a new advocacy campaign to support efforts to decriminalize abortion.


Invoking Justice

Documentary film by Deepa Dhanraj about muslim women from South India who deliver justice in their own courts, posing a radical challenge to their traditional Muslim community and clergy.


Outcome of the Caribbean ICPD Beyond 2014 Forum

The forum, which took place in Georgetown, Guyana on July 9-11, brought together governments from the Caribbean region to agree on a road map/set of recommendations that will feed into the Uruguay LAC ICPD Beyond 2014 meeting and the High Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development. The Road Map calls for the achievement of universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Mango Girls Documentary

Dharhara Village’s contribution in addressing some serious social issues is unique because they are addressing an age old problem of India, partly the custom of dowry.


Advocacy Booklets on Working with Men to Ending Violence against Women

These four booklets are sought to provide NGOs and CSOs active in Kurdistan, and in the Middle East at large, with hands-on tools to working with political, religious and judicial institutions headed by male figures. 


Lesbians’ Health: Myths and Realities

Stereotypes and misconceptions linked to sexual orientation and gender can have adverse consequences on the health of lesbians. The aim of this project is to demystify "myths and realities" on certains aspects of lesbian health's, such as Breast and Cervical cancers, HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections and Well-being.


The Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities

This Briefing Paper explores issues from the human rights perspective, providing references to the findings of international human rights bodies and mechanisms, and provides details on specific human rights issues which have a significant impact on the lives of women and girls with disabilities and violate their core human rights.



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