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New Resources

Buy Me Love: Realizing the Economic Potential of Sex Work Decriminalization

The author argues that improved attitudes and perceptions toward sex workers and sex worker rights will create a more inclusive, more open and accepting Canada. This inclusivity will generate economic gains. To this end, the outcome of the Bedford v. Canada case, which will appear before the Supreme Court in June of 2013, although a civil rights issue, may also affect Canada’s economy.


New data on out-of-school children

Reductions in aid jeopardise schooling for millions of children as 57M are still out of school and aid to basic education falls for the first time since 2002, according to new data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the EFA Global Monitoring Report.


Our Motherland, Our Country: Gender Discrimination and Statelessness in the Middle East and North Africa

The report calls for an end to gender discrimination in nationality laws. Such gender discrimination arises when women cannot acquire, change, retain or pass on their nationality to their children and/or their spouses on an equal basis as men.


2013 Call to Action & Prevention Kit (3rd edition)

We await your online registration and action plans on the "19 Days of activism for prevention of violence against children and youth 1-19 November”, which will be displayed on a Google map for all to consult and to collaborate with you.


AIDS response in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

UN AIDS report on HIV and AIDS and the post-2015 agenda in preparation for the June Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) meeting.


Special Issue Now Available from Journal of Lesbian Studies

This special issue explores the cultural forms that place pressure on the category “lesbian” and/or the pressure “lesbian” places on twentieth- and twenty-first-century cultural standards, practices, and desires.


Domestic Violence Against Single, Never-Married Women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

This study examines the association between decision-making power, with other background variables, and domestic violence against single, never-married women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).


Population in Perspective, 2nd edition

This social justice curriculum on population, food, the environment, and climate change has fresh material and a new look. Its colorful design and illustrations make the lessons even more accessible.


UN-NGLS e-magazine: the 2015 Post

The aim of the e-magazine is to provide a range of different voices and views on key issues as momentum builds on the post-2015 and post-Rio+20 processes. 


UN Special Rapporteur on VAW Report to the UN HRC 2013: State Responsibility for Eliminating VAW

The report addresses the topic of State responsibility for eliminating violence against women. As a rule, State responsibility is based on acts or omissions committed either by State actors or by actors whose actions are attributable to the State.



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