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New Resources

Special Issue Now Available from Journal of Lesbian Studies

This special issue explores the cultural forms that place pressure on the category “lesbian” and/or the pressure “lesbian” places on twentieth- and twenty-first-century cultural standards, practices, and desires.


Domestic Violence Against Single, Never-Married Women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

This study examines the association between decision-making power, with other background variables, and domestic violence against single, never-married women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).


Population in Perspective, 2nd edition

This social justice curriculum on population, food, the environment, and climate change has fresh material and a new look. Its colorful design and illustrations make the lessons even more accessible.


UN-NGLS e-magazine: the 2015 Post

The aim of the e-magazine is to provide a range of different voices and views on key issues as momentum builds on the post-2015 and post-Rio+20 processes. 


UN Special Rapporteur on VAW Report to the UN HRC 2013: State Responsibility for Eliminating VAW

The report addresses the topic of State responsibility for eliminating violence against women. As a rule, State responsibility is based on acts or omissions committed either by State actors or by actors whose actions are attributable to the State.


Study on Discrimination by Intersection of Gender & Disability

Women with disabilities are at the intersection of various forms of discrimination on the grounds of gender and disability. This report provides an overview of relevant legislation and its limitations


The State of Food and Agriculture 2013

The publication aims at bringing to a wider audience balanced science-based assessments of important issues in the field of food and agriculture. Each edition of the report contains a comprehensive, yet easily accessible, overview of a selected topic of major relevance for rural and agricultural development and for global food security.


High level panel proposes to the UN to put mega business, not people, at the center of development

Social Watch, a network of civil society organizations in over 80 countries that monitor their governments compliance with international commitments, expressed deep disappointment with the suggestions of new development goals to replace the MDGs proposed today to the United Nations by a High Level Panel.


Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Access to Health Care and Violence/Bias: A Sierra Leone Case Study

Global Rights and Dignity Association and Pride Equality released the first ever published report on the situation of LGBTI individuals in Sierra Leone. In addition to presenting the problem of discrimination against the LGBTI community, the report also offers concrete recommendations to the government, Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone, local police and the international community to better protect the rights of the Sierra Leonean LGBTI community.


Q & A on the War in Syria

As the war consuming Syria rages on, this resource explains the conflict, its impact on women and families, and the solutions we need to support now.



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