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New Resources

Women's rights country by country - interactive

Which countries have laws preventing violence? Which legislate for gender equality? And which countries allow abortion? Using World Bank and UN data, offers a snapshot of women's rights across the globe. 


New Report: Transgender people in Europe face discrimination and inhuman treatment

European countries are violating the human rights of people trying to change their legal gender, said Amnesty International in a report published on 4 February 2014.


Substantive Equality, Reproductive Rights and Development Goals: A Briefing Paper on Aligning Development Goals with Human Rights Obligations

This briefing paper by the Center for Reproductive Rights seeks to contribute concrete ideas to the global debate on how to integrate international human rights norms surrounding reproductive rights and gender equality into the development framework that emerges from the Post-2015 process.


IM-Defensoras Launch New Report: "Paving the Road for Freedom and Equality"

We invite you to read, share and download our new publication "Paving the Road for Freedom and Equality," a comprehensive report on the accomplishments, lessons learned and challenges of the IM-Defensoras in the three years since its creation. 


Launch of the ARROW Resource Kit!

As part of its celebrations for its 20th/21st anniversary, the Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) is proud to launch the ARROW Resource Kit (ARK). 


Survey Report: Syria Peace Talks Fail to Engage Women

In partnership with the Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria, Inclusive Security conducted a survey of 110 women living and working inside Syria. The resulting report shows they overwhelmingly support the inclusion of women, and of civil society more generally, in the Geneva II peace talks. These groups, one woman asserted, are “the link between the opinions of Syrian people and the decision makers.”


State of Power 2014

In its third annual ‘State of Power’ report, the Transnational Institute (TNI) of Policy Studies uses vibrant infographics and penetrating essays to expose and analyse the principal power-brokers that have caused financial, economic, social and ecological crises worldwide.


Oxfam briefing paper "Working for the few: Political capture and economic inequality

In this paper, Oxfam shows how extreme inequality is not inevitable, with examples of policies from around the world which have reduced inequality and developed more representative politics, benefiting all, both rich and poor. Oxfam calls on leaders at the 2014 World Economic Forum at Davos to make the commitments needed to counter the growing tide of inequality.


States should strengthen laws and policies to protect human rights defenders: UN expert

Defending human rights is a critical but increasingly dangerous activity in many parts of the world, according to a new UN report



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