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Issues and Analysis

Finding The Root Of Anti-Gay Sentiment In Uganda

Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill was introduced by parliament member David Bahati in October 2009. The bill seeks to eradicate homosexuality from Uganda and become a model for the rest of Africa.


USA: The Tea Party and the new right-wing Christian feminism

Why have American women become so active in the right wing Tea Party movement?


YEMEN: "Bone ache" and depression - the lot of child brides

SANAA, 25 August 2010 (IRIN) - Long gone is the kohl, the henna paint and the white wedding dress she wore at her wedding. A life of hard work and early labour has caught up with Badria. Married at 14, she had her first child at 16 and then five more in quick succession, including three miscarriages. Now in her forties her body is succumbing.


Tunisia is Backtracking on Women's Rights

Tunisia's historical commitment to women's rights is being used by Ben Ali as a smokescreen for the persecution they now suffer.


Bangladesh War’s Toll on Women Still Undiscussed

NEW DELHI — The numbers are in dispute, but the story they tell has remained the same for four decades: 200,000 women (or 300,000, or 400,000, depending on the source) raped during the 1971 war in which East Pakistan broke with West Pakistan to become Bangladesh.


The Guide to Women’s Rights

Late advocate Rashida Patel’s book Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan is both informative and prescriptive. For not only has she provided an in-depth analysis on a host of laws that affect women, but she has also made recommendations for reform.


Bangladesh: International workshop urges Asian women to unite against globalization & fundamentalism

A two day-long international workshop themed "Globalization and rise in fundamentalism - implications for women and women workers" ended on August 23, at the conference room of the BRAC Centre Inn in Dhaka, Bangladesh with urging Asian women to unite and bring about an end to unfair globalization and fundamentalism in the region.


Headscarf ban sparks debate over Kosovo's identity

The home of Florinda Zeka in central Kosovo is an idyllic spot, surrounded by undulating hills.


Mental Disability, State Power and the Capacity to Decide

The issue of forced contraception raises difficult questions about autonomous decision making under the Mental Capacity Act


Puerto Rican Women Face Rising Tide of Violence

Puerto Rico's pioneering 1989 law against domestic violence is clouded by the U.S. territory's leadership in intimate-partner killings found in a recent survey. Critics say government budget cutbacks are making matters worse.



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