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Issues and Analysis

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Two sides of the same ICT coin - breaking the silence /breaking the laws

GenderIT.orgi writer Mavic Cabrera-Balleza speaks with Sylvie Niombo and Francoise Mukuku, ICT activists from Congo-Brazzaville and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) respectively. They discuss various facets of the information and communication technologies and the context to which they apply in the DRC . The interviewees elaborate on how ICTs can be used to reduce incidence of violence against women and how it is also widely used in ways that aggravate the violence and violate privacy laws. They also explain why access to ICTs is critical to the DRC and how it can be used to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.


MDG Goals Panned for Isolating Women's Rights

It's a commonplace maxim in international policy circles by now to say that helping women and girls is the most foolproof method of achieving sustainable development.


TIME’s Epic Distortion of the Plight of Women in Afghanistan

Tomorrow, TIME Magazine will treat newsstand customers everywhere to one of the most rank propaganda plays of the Afghanistan War.


Overturning California gay-marriage ban pushes issue closer to Supreme Court

In landmark ruling, federal judge affirms right to wed is protected by U.S. Constitution


Guarded Lives in Cameroon

A recent decision by the UK Supreme Court found that a gay man would "face a well-founded fear of persecution" if he returned to Cameroon.


Kenya's churches unite against draft constitution

Kenya's Christian churches have unified against a proposed new constitution for the east African powerhouse, saying it will offer abortion on demand and give Muslims special rights.


Israeli Women Pray For Religious Rights

Once a month, just after dawn, dozens of women gather at the Western Wall to protest Orthodox Jewish insistence that women of non-orthodox faith must pray by Orthodox rules instead of the more liberal rules of Conservative and Reform Jews.


"Freedom:" The Right of Religious Fundamentalists to Discriminate Against Everyone Else

Conscience clauses. They practically have the term “slippery slope” built right into their definition.


Legal support for embattled wives

Bahraini women are losing battles incourt due to a lack of awareness of their rights, according to a leading socialworker.


Miss Landmine Cambodia Pageant: Provocative Art or Pejorative ‘Project’?

FRIDAY FILE: Did Miss Landmine Cambodia – a beauty pageant for women who lost limbs in landmine explosions – mock, exploit and unjustly sexualize women with disabilities there?



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