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Mexico: Judicial proceedings begin against alleged perpetrators of serious human rights violations committed against Inés Fernández y Valentina Rosendo

Both Me'phaa indigenous women were victims of serious human rights violations in 2002 committed by elements of the Mexican Army.


The Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights Wraps up its Series of Four Regional SRHR Workshops with Over 80 Youth Activists Worldwide

More than 80 young activists from around the globe have now been trained to effectively advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (SRR).


Tunisia: Strengthen New Constitution’s Human Rights Protection

Tunisia should bring its nearly completed draft constitution in line with international human rights standards and the country’s obligations under international law, said four human rights organizations. The National Constituent Assembly (NCA) began voting on the constitution article by article on January 3, 2014.


The Front Line Defenders Award 2014

Front Line Defenders is now calling for nominations for the 2014 Front Line Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk.The deadline is midnight on Friday 24 January 2014. 


Release: Uganda Passes Anti-homosexuality Bill

The Uganda Parliament has passed the infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill, first proposed in 2009 and condemned by the international human rights community, President Obama, and other international dignitaries.


Committee of UN General Assembly passes resolution on right to privacy

On 26 November 2013, the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee committee of the UN General Assembly passed a resolution on privacy in the digital age. This is a major breakthrough for human rights advocates around the world, since it is the first resolution of this kind to focus on right to privacy.


Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice Launches Expert Paper "Modes of Liability: A review of the International Criminal Court's Current Jurisprudence and Practice"

The Expert Paper on modes of liability, the first of a new series, was launched by the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice in The Hague at the 12th Session of the Assembly of States Parties on 28 November 2013, and is available on their website here.


PeaceWomen Launch the Women, Peace and Security Mobile Application

PeaceWomen/WILPF is very pleased to announce the launch of our new expanded and revised mobile application on Women, Peace and Security on the International Human Rights Day 2013. This app has been designed to reach a wider audience and we encourage you to use it in your implementation and advocacy work relating to the Women, Peace and Security agenda.


Final Statement from the First Global Forum on Media and Gender

We, the delegates to the First Global Forum on Media and Gender, held in Bangkok, Thailand from 2-4 December, 2013, declare our commitment to the fundamental human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the promotion of gender equality in and through media, the empowerment of women, and to the creation of a Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMG).


Third AMARC Asia-Pacific Regional Conference Calls for Greater Recognition and Rights for Community Radios

The 3rd AMARC Asia Pacific Regional Conference and Assembly of Community Radio Broadcasters has concluded with a call for promoting and the diversity of voices and identities. The conference, held from 2-5 December 2013 in Seoul, South Korea has condemned the continuous, systemic and institutionalized discrimination based on sexual orientation, identities and ethnicity and has resolved to fight against discrimination.



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