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2006 First Fundher Report

Assessing the resources and the role of donors in the promotion of women's rights and the support of women's rights organizations. 2006 First Fundher Report

An action research project by Cindy Clark, Ellen Sprenger, Lisa VeneKlasen of Just Associates in collaboration with Lydia Alpizar Duran and Joanna Kerr of AWID.

Is it that women’s rights groups are not bold enough in their fundraising strategies? Is it that donors simply don’t get the urgency and importance of this work? What has really been happening in terms of funding for women’s rights organizations in the last ten years and what have been the driving forces behind those trends?

This report is the result of an ongoing action research initiative launched by the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) to explore these questions and to draw insights into possible strategies for changing the existing funding landscape so that more resources are made available to women’s rights organizations.

Download the reports in four languages here:







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