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Egypt's Proposed Law Subordinates NGOs to Security and Ministry Control

The undersigned rights organizations express their deep concern regarding the Ministry of Social Solidarity’s latest draft of the bill regulating non-governmental organizations, and declare it a flagrant breach of the constitution and Egypt’s international obligations. The law, if adopted, will criminalize the operation of NGOs and subordinate them to the security establishment, shutting down the public sphere in Egypt to all but regime supporters. The undersigned organizations demand that the president reject this and any other law that contravenes the constitution and Egypt’s international obligations.


ISIS Targeting Women; International Action Needed Now

The news coming from Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) partners on the ground in Lebanon and Jordan and media outlets in Iraq and Syria is horrifying. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is terrorizing innocent civilians living in areas under their control. Women are their primary target. ISIS’s ethnic cleansing of large swaths of Iraq is quickly reaching genocidal proportions across the region.


Attacks on Women in Black activists in Serbia

Tuesday 8 july, activists from Women in Black were violently attacked by a large group of men in Western Serbia when they held a peaceful commemoration of the genocide in Srebrenica. The activists were on their way to Potocari in Bosnia and Herzegovina where a yearly manifestation is held to remind the world of the 1995 massacre in which more than 8 000 persons were killed. 


Solidarity with imprisoned activists, with or without Facebook

On the 23rd of June, I opened Facebook and found news that two friends had been arrested after participating in protests on the other side of the world. Natalie Lowrey is an Australian environmental activist who was arrested in Malaysia on 22 June during a peaceful action against Australian-owned Lynas Corporation’s rare earth plant in Malaysia. Yara Sallam is an Egyptian feminist activist who was arrested in Egypt on 21 Juneduring a peaceful demonstration against the country’s anti-protest law. These two women human rights defenders (WHRDs) and friends who I had met at different moments in my activist life were now in jail, and I was alarmed and worried.


Sex, rights and the internet: Survey on internet regulation and sexual rights

If you are an LGBT activist, SRHR activist, women's right activist, a queer blogger or a feminist who spends a lot of time on the internet, please take 15 minutes to fill in our survey on sexuality and internet regulation in any of the following languages:


Statement of solidarity with the women of Iraq

The Association of Middle East Women's Studies (AMEWS) would like to express its solidarity with the people of Iraq who have suffered from dictatorship, economic sanctions, an invasion and occupation, years of militarization, and a new authoritarian government. The most recent suffering by Iraqis, caused by Islamic State (IS) forces, is so far mainly affecting religious minorities. 


Update: Peru – Human rights defender Ms Máxima Acuña de Chaupe and family receive suspended prison sentences and ordered to pay damages

On 5 August 2014, Ms Máxima Acuña de Chaupe and three members of her family were sentenced on charges of “aggravated usurpation” by the Unipersonal Court of Celendin, to suspended prison term of two years and eight months. Moreover, Máxima Acuña de Chaupe was ordered to pay the costs of proceedings and a civil reparation of 5.500 Soles (€1,500) for damages done to the Mining Company Yanacocha. The judge also ordered that the family must leave the disputed lands. The Acuña Chaupe family's lawyer, Ms Mirtha Vasquez, will file an appeal to the second instance Superior Court Justice in Cajamarca.


Brazil - Threats, attack and raid targeting human rights defender and her family

On 30 July 2014, the home of the mother of a human rights defender, known as ”Isabel”, was raided by a group of unknown individuals. This raid is believed to be connected with the events of 23 May 2014, when more than 100 civilian police officers raided a building in downtown Niterói in which approximately 400 women were working as prostitutes, including Isabel. During this raid, the officers reportedly committed extortion, theft, robbery and rape against the sex workers.


International Advocacy Officer

The International Advocacy Officer will coordinate IPPF efforts to influence UN Member States at the NY Headquarters, establish and maintain strategic partnerships with relevant CSO groups and coalitions. Report and share information in a timely and strategic way with IPPF colleagues.

Deadline:        Open until filled

Location:        New York

Organization:  IPPF/WHR 


Development Officer

The Development Officer will primarily be responsible for developing grant reports and proposals for a diverse group of national and international institutional donors such as foundations and development agencies.

Deadline:        August 27, 2014

Location:        Mexico City

Organization:  Semillas



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