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Kabul Mob Attack: Women Help Bury 'Wrongly Accused' Farkhunda

This article, originally published by BBC News on March 22nd, 2015, discusses how the coffin of a woman, killed by a mob in Kabul on an apparently false charge, has been carried by women, marking a break with Afghan funeral customs.


Indonesia's Highest Islamic Clerical Body Issues Fatwa Proposing Death Penalty for People Caught Having Gay Sex

This article, originally published by The Independent on March 16th, 2015, discusses how Indonesia's most prominent Islamic clerical body has issued a fatwa proposing a host of punishments for "homosexual crimes" - including the death penalty.


You Deserve Rape, Quran Teacher Tells Children in Turkish School

Parents are demanding that a teacher of religion classes in northern Turkey be fired after he told some of his female students that they “deserve rape” for not wearing an Islamic headscarf.


Securing a just and sustainable world means challenging the power of the 1%

A joint call from the leaders of ActionAid, AWID, Civicus, Greenpeace and Oxfam on the eve of the World Social Forum in Tunis


Land Day 2015: Activism And Challenges For Palestinian Women And Girls

FRIDAY FILE: Palestinians, and people globally who stand in solidarity with Palestine, commemorate Land Day every March 30. On this day in 1976 thousands of Palestinians embarked on a general strike and protests against the Israeli government’s announcement to confiscate large portions of Palestinian lands for new Israeli settlements. The protests resulted in six Palestinians being killed, and hundreds injured and arrested by Israeli forces. Land Day has been commemorated every year since.  


Toolkit on Indigenous women's rights in Africa

Forest Peoples Programme has created this toolkit to help indigenous women in Africa to better understand the African human rights system and how to use it effectively to secure their rights.


Puerto Rican Government to No Longer Defend Marriage Ban

This article, originally published by the Washington Blade on March 20th, 2015, discusses how the Puerto Rican government announced it will no longer defend the U.S. commonwealth’s same-sex marriage ban.


Union outcry forces rejection of Uber ‘women’s jobs’ plan

An outcry raised by a coalition of trade unions and civil society groups has led UN Women to disassociate itself from a partnership with ‘ride booking’ app provider Uber just over a week after its announcement. The unions and NGOs had acted speedily to persuade the United Nations organisation to reconsider a strategic partnership with the company that would supposedly create ‘a million’ jobs for women drivers.


What a Houthi-Controlled Yemen Means for Women

Houthis published a circular in January 2015, pertaining to women in the city of Amran, banning them from going out following the Maghrib prayer, prohibiting them from bringing male bands or singers to their gatherings or parties, banning the use of cameras at women's gatherings and parties, including mobile phones with cameras. These new rules are being implemented in Amran, and the people there have been adhering to these rules to avoid punishment.


Remembering: A Tribute to Fallen WHRDs

This document, entitled "Remembering" was created by Women Living Under Muslim laws and delivered as a powerpoint presentation during the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (20 years after the Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action).



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