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ABC on LGBT Rights

The ABC on LGBT Rights publication was developed by Insight Ukraine, with the support of Norwegian Helsinki Committee.


Stand Against Demands for a Buffer/Security Zone Between Turkey and Syria

Kobanê, one of the three autonomous Kurdish enclaves in Northern Syria, on the border with Turkey, is once again under attack by the IS. The Islamic State (IS – formerly known as ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has besieged Kobanê on three separate fronts and is at the moment shelling the city relentlessly.


Syria: Woman Peace Activist Gives Picture of Hope and Despair as ISIS Gains Foothold

While the international community seems to have reached a stalemate on the case of Syria, the situation is more dire than ever, with lasting impact on the region and international community. The International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) regularly works to amplify the voices of women activists on the ground so that they can inform international policy and bring attention to issues of critical importance missed by the press.


Call for Proposals: Small Advocacy Grants for CSOs in the Middle East and North Africa

2015 is the year the successor to the Millennium Development Goals will be negotiated and adopted. The outcome of these processes will greatly impact future Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) policy, funding and programming priorities at global level and at national level.


Canada Is The Only UN Member To Reject Landmark Indigenous Rights Document

Canada singled itself out as the only country to raise objections over a landmark United Nations document re-establishing the protection of the rights of indigenous people last week. It was a gesture one prominent First Nation leader called “saddening, surprising.”


Op-ed: Progressive new abortion law shows Mozambique’s commitment to women’s reproductive rights

There are only a few countries in Africa where abortion is legal. In the next few weeks, Mozambique will become one of them, with President Armando Guebuza expected to sign a new bill into law. It is a major victory for women’s reproductive rights in Mozambique, and an important legacy for the president as he prepares to step down next month. 


Open Letter to the UN Security Council Special Meeting on the Ebola Crisis: Women of the Mano River Union Member States Speak

For only the third time in its history, the UN Security Council has convened an emergency meeting on a health issue, on Thursday, 18 September 2014. Member States will discuss a plan of action to address the unprecedented escalation of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and plan immediate international action to address the need for qualified medical personnel, equipment and related assistance to the region, so this does not become a global public health crisis. In this discussion, it is critical to recognise that the Ebola virus disease (EVD) has a clear gender dimension that must be incorporated in interventions to ensure that the spread of this deadly disease is halted.


Conflict, Poverty and Climate Change Remain Challenges to Achieving the MDGs In Ivory Coast, Should be Priorities Post 2015

FRIDAY FILE – While discussions on the new development agenda to replace the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when they expire in just over a year took centre stage at the United Nations 69th session of the General Assembly (UNGA69) last week, AWID takes a look at the reality of women in the Ivory Coast, demonstrating why it is crucial that the new development agenda be based on principles of human rights, equality and sustainability.


Uganda's Leader, Museveni Rethinks the Anti-Gay Law

Uganda’s president on Friday signalled he is having second thoughts over tough anti-homosexuality legislation.


Time for Sanctions on Baku

As the West has turned its attention to the Islamic State and the Ukraine crisis, the government of President Ilham Aliyev has expanded its crackdown on dissenting voices in Azerbaijan with harassment, threats, beatings, and arrests.



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