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Call for Consultant – Project to develop a database of national laws and policies related to sexual and reproductive health and rights

The Sexual Rights Initiative is searching for a consultant to conduct legal research and coordinate the validation of data collected and the uploading of content into the online tool.   

Deadline: May 1, 2015

Location: home-based

Organization: Sexual Rights Initiative


Fundraising Volunteer/Intern

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to get involved with a young dynamic organisation to drive forward our fundraising at a crucial time of growth.

Deadline: May 22, 2015

Location: home-based

Organization: Make Every Woman Count 


Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence: 11-18 May 2015

We are pleased to announce that the date for this year’s Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence is 11-18 May 2015. This week has been chosen to coincide with the Security Council Open debate on Small Arms on 13 May 2015.


The African Regional Human Rights System

The publication narrates the origins of the African regional human rights mechanisms. It elaborates the normative framework and rights recognised in the regional human rights treaties in the region. It also focuses on how to use these monitoring and enforcement mechanisms and some of the challenges faced in doing so. This is a learning tool for human rights defenders, and especially trainers from the region interested in conducting training on human rights. With a focus also on civil society engagement in the regional human rights mechanisms, the publication provides useful insights at a practical level. The publication will enhance your knowledge on African regional human rights mechanisms.


Call for blogs: We want to know how young feminists from around the world are raising awareness about gender-based violence

Feminist activists have been using the months of April and May to raise awareness about sexual assault. We would like to hear how  young feminists from around the world work to raise awareness about the various ways in which gender-based violence affects young women, trans* and gender non-conforming youth in offline and online spaces as well as at the intersections of real-world and web-based realities.


Join World Pulse and No Ceilings on the Path to Participation

How are you helping solve inequalities that persist between men and women today, or working to overcome barriers to women’s full participation in your community? World Pulse and No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, an initiative of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, invite you to share your stories and help turn their recently released data on and Full Participation Plan into a blueprint for action on the ground!


Jogappa Gender, Identity, and the Politics of Exclusion And Three Journeys: Cameos from the Jogappa Community in Karnataka

These books focus on Jogappas, one of the least known transgender communities in South India. Jogappas share a close relationship with a local goddess Yellamma: as such, they are regarded as holy women, and occupy a respected, priestly position within society.However, owing to their identity and gender expression, they also transgress the binary norms of gender and sexuality held sacrosanct by societies everywhere in India. They face the paradox of being seen as “powerful and holy” as well as “strange and deviant”. Further, governmental oversight has left them in a vulnerable position.


Women Out Loud, Episode 2: Motherhood and Activism

Welcome to Women Out Loud! This podcast, produced by MADRE, will share the stories of activists who are defining the future of women's human rights worldwide.


Dominican Republic Abortion Law Debated in Supreme Court

Despite progress made by the Dominican Republic last year decriminalizing abortion in limited circumstances, the Supreme Court will hold a judicial hearing today to discuss three different constitutional challenges to the new law.


Launch (New York, NY, USA)


April, 27, 2015

Ford Foundation



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