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Our Current Members

AWID members come from 156 countries and are researchers, academics, students, educators, activists, business people, policy-makers, development practitioners, funders, and more.

Institutional Member: Peace Foundation Pakistan

Peace Foundation Pakistan

Peace Foundation Pakistan, established in 2010, envisions a socio-economically empowered society without gender discrimination and with an equitable access to reproductive justice and resources. The organisation focuses on women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights and has worked on safe medical abortion consultation and services, post-abortion care, as well as mother and child health care services in rural desert area of Pakistan. In order to help reduce unsafe abortion ratio and stigma, Peace Foundation practices interventions through community centered activities such as the "Virtual Advocacy Group of Youth for Reproductive Justice". Mainly, in rural areas, the organisation promotes social activism among youth, rural communities, women and girls towards collective actions for social development. Peace Foundation is supported by Stichting Overall, Women on Waves, Women on Web, Asia Abortion Partnership India, Global Fund for Women and the Safe Abortion Access Fund. To find out more about the Peace Foundation Pakistan, please visit their website and Facebook page.

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Individual Member: Rukiya Abdul Aziz


Rukiya is a young woman originally from Afghanistan, but who has also lived in Kuwait, Pakistan, and Costa Rica. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Political Science from a University in Pakistan. Rukiya is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree program in Development Practice at the Sciences Po University in Paris, France. In Afghanistan, she has worked with numerous United Nations (UN) entities such as the UN WFP and UNOPS; and with international organizations including Oxfam GB, Save the Children UK, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Intersos. Rukiya mainly focused her work on community development, education, youth, gender, food security and peace building. Rukiya is also a co-founder of a national non-governmental organisation called The Organization of Human Welfare (OHW) where she works on program design, monitoring and evaluation, and donor reporting and implementation. Rukiya looks forward to contributing her knowledge and expertise to building efficient projects and programmes related to and in conflict-affected countries.

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“I always look forward to hearing from you and you keep me going even when things are difficult. Thanks!" – AWID Individual Member, Zimbabwe

“Many thanks for this wonderful offer. I look forward to “life as an AWID member“  which I am sure will enrich our organisation and those with whom we cooperate. And at the same time I am sure that in turn we will also be able to offer something new to the network.” – AWID Member, Croatia

“Keep up the good work!” – AWID Member, The Netherlands

“Thank you for accepting me as a member and together we will work towards a world where men and women enjoy their rights without discrimination.” – AWID Member, DRC

“Thank you for all the good things you all do.” – AWID Member, USA

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