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Our Current Members

AWID members come from 156 countries and are researchers, academics, students, educators, activists, business people, policy-makers, development practitioners, funders, and more.

Institutional Member: Dharti Development Foundation (DDF)

Dharti Foundation

Dharti Development Foundation (DDF), established in 2008 in Pakistan, supports the development and empowerment of communities through strengthening their participation in the mainstream. DDF’s program priorities include fighting poverty and strengthening water, sanitation and human development. Dharti is a Sindhi word for earth and protection of the environment is central to the foundation’s work. Through its programs DDF focuses on reinforcing women’s skills, providing safe drinking water, organizing training schools for women on the hazards of using pesticides, establishing medical camps for women, increasing women’s awareness on health and hygiene, running an Integrated Education Learning Program (IELP Schools) for girls, and mobilizing communities and government officials with regards to women’s land rights. DDF uses an active and participatory social mobilization approach in its target areas of work, focusing specifically also on disadvantaged and poor communities in the Naushahro Feroze and Khairpur Mirs districts of Pakistan. For its efforts to advance the economic empowerment of women DDF was given the World of Difference Award  by the International Alliance of Women. To find out more about the Dharti Development Foundation, please visit their website and Facebook page.

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Individual Member: Nazrawit Negash

Nazrawit Negash

Nazrawit is a young Canadian woman of East African origin. She holds an undergraduate degree in International Development from York University, with focus on Gender, Politics and Diaspora. During her studies Nazrawit volunteered with numerous nonprofit organizations in Canada and Ethiopia.  While living in Ethiopia she also engaged in work to eradicate sexual tourism and advocate for the rights of young women who are forced to enter the industry. As a counselor and trainer she supported young sex workers in leaving the industry and gaining the skills to obtain other employment opportunities. Because of her interests in community development, youth empowerment, and women’s rights Nazrawit wants to establish a rehabilitation and skills training center for young women and at-risk youth.  Underlying this goal is her belief that empowering youth will produce a positive change in the lifestyle of that generation and will impact those to come.

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“I always look forward to hearing from you and you keep me going even when things are difficult. Thanks!" – AWID Individual Member, Zimbabwe

“Many thanks for this wonderful offer. I look forward to “life as an AWID member“  which I am sure will enrich our organisation and those with whom we cooperate. And at the same time I am sure that in turn we will also be able to offer something new to the network.” – AWID Member, Croatia

“Keep up the good work!” – AWID Member, The Netherlands

“Thank you for accepting me as a member and together we will work towards a world where men and women enjoy their rights without discrimination.” – AWID Member, DRC

“Thank you for all the good things you all do.” – AWID Member, USA

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