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Our Current Members

AWID members come from 156 countries and are researchers, academics, students, educators, activists, business people, policy-makers, development practitioners, funders, and more.

Institutional Member: The Rahber Development Organization (RDO)


The Rahber Development Organization (RDO), registered in 2012 in Pakistan, focuses its work on issues such as women’s literacy, gender-based violence, forced marriage, early marriage, discrimination on the grounds of gender, and lack of participation of women in policy and/or decision making processes. RDO aims to apply participatory approaches between the governmental sector and other stakeholders in order to strengthen positive change through various developments at the grassroots level. Among their activities, the organization provides education focusing on gender awareness, supports women in their engagement in various community initiatives and civil society movements, provides health facilities for women, and helps organize women into lead groups to work on environmental degradation. To find out more about RDO, please email 

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Individual Member: Jameela Nishat

Jameela N

Jameela is a feminist activist from India. She holds a Master’s degree in English and a P.G. Diploma in Theater Arts. Currently, Jameela is a chief functionary at Shaheen Women’s Resource & Welfare Association where she actively works on gender justice and maintaining communal harmony. In 2008, Jameela published a booklet on Domestic Violence entitled “Walking on Broken Glass” and through a joint effort with Shaheen she published and distributed a set of comprehensive papers based on the information of the Amendment ‘Child marriages Act 2006’ in Urdu language.  Jameela is also writes poetry in Deccani, a marginalized Urdu dialect, in which women poets and writers are rare and disregarded.  She has been awarded numerous awards for her work and efforts, both as an activist and writer, including an Award by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for promoting Deccani language and literary work at the grassroots level.

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“I always look forward to hearing from you and you keep me going even when things are difficult. Thanks!" – AWID Individual Member, Zimbabwe

“Many thanks for this wonderful offer. I look forward to “life as an AWID member“  which I am sure will enrich our organisation and those with whom we cooperate. And at the same time I am sure that in turn we will also be able to offer something new to the network.” – AWID Member, Croatia

“Keep up the good work!” – AWID Member, The Netherlands

“Thank you for accepting me as a member and together we will work towards a world where men and women enjoy their rights without discrimination.” – AWID Member, DRC

“Thank you for all the good things you all do.” – AWID Member, USA

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