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Our Current Members

AWID members come from 156 countries and are researchers, academics, students, educators, activists, business people, policy-makers, development practitioners, funders, and more.

Institutional Member: Sally Women's Institute

Sally Women's Institute

Sally Women’s Institute was founded in 2013. It is a nonprofit organization with four chapters in Zimbabwe, 160 members, and 78 volunteers to date. The Institute envisions a solid, vibrant and strengthened network of women leaders actively and fully participating in leadership, governance, development and democratic processes at all levels. Working towards this vision, the organization facilitates women’s leadership development through research, mobilization, recruitment, training, coaching, mentorship, lobbying and advocacy, as well as through enabling a socio-economic and political leadership support system. Sally’s also organizes women’s leadership schools and women leaders’ information and online resources trainings. To find out more about the Sally Women’s Institute, please visit their website and Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @sallywomen.  

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Individual Member: Anshika Suri

Anshika Suri

Anshika is from India and currently resides in Germany. She is an architect and urban development practitioner, holding Master’s degrees in International Cooperation in Urban Development and Sustainable Emergency Architecture. Her thesis focused on the link between growing gender – based violence and the public transportation system in New Delhi. Independently, Anshika has also researched existing policies that tackle violence against women and survey female public transport users, as well as practitioners, in order to highlight a lack of gender awareness in the fields of architecture and planning. She has also worked on issues related to housing rights and land management and engaged in a World Bank project reviewing the current affordable housing policies and possible alternative methods of land management in Mongolia. In the future, Anshika hopes to apply for a PhD degree related to gender issues in sanitation infrastructure, focusing on urban centers in the Global South. And she is looking forward to connect to other AWID members who may be researchers and are working in similar fields.

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“I always look forward to hearing from you and you keep me going even when things are difficult. Thanks!" – AWID Individual Member, Zimbabwe

“Many thanks for this wonderful offer. I look forward to “life as an AWID member“  which I am sure will enrich our organisation and those with whom we cooperate. And at the same time I am sure that in turn we will also be able to offer something new to the network.” – AWID Member, Croatia

“Keep up the good work!” – AWID Member, The Netherlands

“Thank you for accepting me as a member and together we will work towards a world where men and women enjoy their rights without discrimination.” – AWID Member, DRC

“Thank you for all the good things you all do.” – AWID Member, USA

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